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  1. takingstock

    Now Looking For Opinions For GF Skirt Steak

    This is the meat- This is the book on advice I followed ...8+ hour marinade in unfiltered olive oil.   This crazy Jaccard tenderizer (horrors) that I used for the first time... I cooked it on an Iron skillet on an induction burner two sections ~ 1) 4" long whole and 2) very...
  2. takingstock

    Beef Short Ribs Slow Cooker Substitute

    I have 6 pounds of GF Beef short ribs that I want to sear then cook very slowly. The recipe calls for a slow cooker. I no longer have one of these. In the oven or BGE what temp should I maintain?
  3. takingstock

    Help with Re-model cooktop(?) burners.

    I'm doing a complete kitchen demo re-do soon.  The choices for ranges and cook top leaves me wanting...they seem pathetic. All the burners jammed in too close together.....cook top going to look terrible when used and dirty....... Is there any intelligent thought to designing a...
  4. takingstock

    New Pressure Cooker & Frustration

    I recently picked this up at Costco for $40!  Learning and using a PC is something I have long wanted to do. But--- The enclosed instructions are worthless and after wasting a lot of time viewing nonsense videos I'm frustrated. Web site are all over the map as far as ratios and times. This is...
  5. takingstock

    BGE. Pork Shoulder

    I'm cooking a 9 pound pork Butt on my Big Green Egg @225° as I type this. Do I need to turn it at all?  I have the fat side up…? Any opinions on done-ness?  195° internal sound good? THX
  6. takingstock

    TURK Forged Pan Season

    I recently purchased this from Kaufman Mercantile.  Its a forged iron pan...."hand made".  My de BUYER has been amazing...basically non-stick if one is careful. I am having a little trouble seasoning it and am looking for advice. My de BUYER pan- THX
  7. takingstock

    wonton vs pastry vs puff pastry vs fillo

    A. When buying sheets for making desert like things or wonton like things- 1. what is the difference? 2. are they some what inter-changeable? 3. availability? Seems most grocery stores only sell the wonton and fillo... B. My wife bought a Breville Personal Pie. It calls for "pastry sheets"-...
  8. takingstock

    Blais Roast Beef Sandwich

    I am not a trained food critic or an expert.  Can I get some input on what makes a great Hot Roast Beef Sandwich and is it acceptable for the thin sliced meat to be fully brown? Today I went to the Spence in Downtown Atlanta for lunch and had this.  My wife had the pork tacos. IMO they were...
  9. takingstock

    Favorites - FOOD PROCESSOR

    My old one finally died.  I just picked this up at the COSTCO all commercial store. (Its all I have.) Its a beast.  I think it is a quality piece.  It cost north of $300. I'm excited to try to make this more a part of my everyday cooking regime.  Any suggestions or favorites on simple...
  10. takingstock

    HELP REQUESTED! Grass Fed Beef

    I just bought these at the Saturday Farmers Market.  As you can see they are not cheap. Two Rib-eyes & two T-bones. These are relatively "fatty" but super lean by grain fed standards. This Tuesday I plan on preparing these for a get together.   A few years back I purchased a grass fed 1/4...
  11. takingstock

    Dedicated "SWEET" WOK burner

    I am soliciting opinions one one of these... Viking 24" Professional Classic Gas Wok/Cooker Stainless Steel - VGWT Are they practical... Too much smoke for home use... Too expensive... ~$2K THX
  12. takingstock

    Iron Skillets

    Forged Iron Pans- Does anyone have experience with these? I use a de BUYER brand skillet pan for a lot of things +non-stick"ish" and I really like it.  The bottom is a...
  13. takingstock


    I posted in the food section about using a JADE commercial range in someones empty home that was offered while on vacation. I called the company in California and had a conversation with a nice and well informed person (shock) about their line. They do offer residential models but have no show...
  14. takingstock

    Ribeye Vacation

    Cook question- We are staying in a really cool house in Beaufort SC. It has a Jade 6 burner range with oven...all gas. I think the burners go to 30000 BTU and the oven has a 500 degree setting. I bought a really nice ribeye. Dry aged. Should I cook it in the oven @ 500 or on the cook top? THX
  15. takingstock

    Garden & Gun Desert

    Baked Apple Dumpling I am going to make this for Thanksgiving desert.  Maybe I'm the idiot but when a baking recipe calls for just "flour" I am not happy.  Is not baking a little science and magic ? What kind of flour should I use?   And...
  16. takingstock

    How Long Do I Cook Lobster???

    How do I cook live lobsters? Last night I cooked 2 lobsters ~ 1.8 pounds each.    I put them in a large pot of boiling water and cooked for a total of 11 minutes.  The info for this cooking time came from "www.".  It took maybe 5 minutes to bring it back to a boil after adding the creatures...
  17. takingstock

    Lime vs Lemon

    I recently joined and it seems there is an awful lot of talent.  I have been cooking at home (sort of in the blind) for years...all self taught and over time I have harbored lots of kinda basic questions that maybe I might get some answers to. When cooking fish lemon is most always a great...
  18. takingstock

    slo cook bone in chuck

    I thought I'd try the power of the internet for fun.  Its Saturday morning in Georgia and I am planning on having this for dinner.  I just started using my Max Burton Induction plate.  My plan is to use it as slow cooker today with the 2.15 lbs of grass fed Bone in Chuck Roast. Please post your...
  19. takingstock

    DIY slo cooker alt...

    I just joined here. One of my goals is to cut down on my time spent cooking which I enjoy but its a borderline obsession. My thinking is to use a slow cooker more but it seems [IMO] that they are all crap.  In addition, I want to be able to brown before adding all and letting it percolate all...
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