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  1. savory eats

    Looking for a Commercial Kitchen to Rent in the Los Angeles area.

    You may want to try Roger at Franks Famous Kitchen in Glendale.  He was looking to rent out his kitchen after hours. I too am looking but I need a kitchen Monday - Wednesday during their peak times so it did not work out.  He was very nice to talk to.  Good Luck. (818) 249-6100 Best, Beth...
  2. savory eats

    Personal Chef Needs Commercial Kitchen

    Hello!  I am an established personal chef in Glendale, CA and I have been working out of a commercial kitchen for the past two years.  The kitchen will not be available for lease after this month and I am desperately looking for a kitchen to rent.  It must have storage and 2 work stations for...
  3. savory eats

    PREP COOK-KITCHEN HELPER Needed in Glendate California

    Prep Cook/Kitchen Helper to assist me in a commercial kitchen. I am a Personal Chef who cooks for regular weekly clients and occasionally caters. I need someone who is familiar with prepping foods. We will do up to 10 different meals each day. You must be proficient with a knife and be able to...
  4. savory eats

    Commercial Kitchen Needed

    I am a personal chef looking for a commercial kitchen to rent at least 3 days a week (Tuesday - Thursday).  I would need storage space as well.  I am located in Glendale, CA but am willing to travel 15 miles.  I have an assistant and my own supplies. Thank you! Beth
  5. savory eats

    Need a Commercial Kitchen in Glendale, CA

    I'm looking to rent a small commercial kitchen where I can prepare meals for my clients.  I'm a personal chef and I currently cook out of the client's home.  I am limited to how many clients I can handle, however if I have a kitchen to work from I would be able to prepare food for many more...
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  19. savory eats

    Commercial Kitchen Needed in Glendale, Pasadena, La Canada Area

    I am a personal chef and am looking for a commercial kitchen to rent 2-3 days a week in the San Gabriel area.  My clients are in Pasadena and La Canada.  I would like to be able to store my supplies (minimal...pots, pans, utensils, pantry items) at the location.  I prefer weekdays.  I am...
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