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  1. chef brah

    what to expect when doing first "fine dinning" trail in NYC

    i am currently working in fine dining in nyc. just started recently although i had some prior experience. for trail..they ll check your taillage/knife skills and ask u to assist in prep work. they will tell u about different stations and tell u about tasting menu. like others said..fine dining...
  2. chef brah

    Too much focus on plating, too little on taste among young chefs?

    Recently we had a class in culinary school where we had to cook chicken in any of our style with limited list of ingredients...and many cooked their own plate of chicken and side dishes to go with it.. now many cooked french style to impress the classic french chef, while others made tons of...
  3. chef brah

    What separates a good chef from a great chef?

    u kinda get used to it after a while no?
  4. June 2017 Cooking Challenge: Saffron

    June 2017 Cooking Challenge: Saffron

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  6. chef brah

    June 2017 Cooking Challenge: Saffron

    Saffron is a very important spice in indian cooking in northern regions. I worked at pastry station for couple of months at a high end indian restaurant..and made rice pudding called Phirni with saffron...its essentially rice paste  and full cream milk and sugar reduced to a thick pudding by...
  7. chef brah

    Female chefs and line cooks

    i have had complete opposite experience with female leadership....very moody and shouting at junior employees for no reason, very unorganized and personal life is a mess, blame games when their name is on the line and too much gossip and unrealistic expectations. it became so bad that i had to...
  8. chef brah

    Facial hair in the professional kitchen

    i have kept a beard since i was 18 and when i started cooking i realized lot of chefs these days keep facial hair or long hair....its a lot to do with the culture i guess..cooks are by default counter culture people who dont live like 9-6 clean shaven guys. other than that, beard culture has...
  9. chef brah

    Canada or US ??

    let us know how Vancouver is. been curious about food scene there
  10. chef brah

    A Robot Cooks: Artificial Intelligence in the Kitchen i left tech sector to become a chef and now the nerds of silicon valley trying to eliminate my job? a good example of why robots cannot successfully eliminate job of a chef. you should also look into this robot arm they are testing that can assemble meals such as omelette toast, pasta...
  11. chef brah

    cooking livestream?

    Bon appetite did it on FB earlier this week. lot of chefs do live stream on instagram..david chang does it often. i wanna try doing it too but need someone to hold the
  12. chef brah

    Can I make Tahini out of sesame seeds at home?

    Instructions Heat a clean, dry cast iron or heavy duty skillet over medium high heat and add the sesame seeds. Stir frequently until they begin to turn golden brown and then stir constantly. Be careful, sesame seeds burn very easily.Once they're toasted, let them cool a few minutes then add them...
  13. chef brah

    ways to practice knife skills?

    buy a bag of carrots,tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, ginger, whole chicken. watch some youtube videos on technique on how to grip the food. practice at home. learn how to dice, flakes, peel, julienne, batonnetes, bone chicken. for peeling ginger..use a table spoon to scrape the...
  14. chef brah

    What separates a good chef from a great chef?

    As tickets get fired and adrenaline kicks in, I can feel a certain level of addiction in this job...but i am very new and i have a lot to learn..i am getting faster and more efficient but i want to ask this.. at what point will exec chef start to see a good chef from a great chef who is worth...
  15. chef brah

    Passed Over for Promotion

    i got passed over for a promotion (in other industry)....i told management twice that i am interested in that. i quit after that no point arguing with management...start looking for job elsewhere if u think u r good and deserve it. do try to learn why they didnt offer u the position...
  16. chef brah

    Carrot tops....What to do with them?

    in indian cooking..we cook diced carrots as a veggie dish..then add fenugreek seeds and sauteed carrot tops to balance the sweetness of carrots with bitter notes. or pickle them we used radish leaves also to make a leafy dish...sautee them with onions and garlic to remove strong taste...same...
  17. Carrot tops....What to do with them?

    Carrot tops....What to do with them?

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  20. chef brah

    Open Discussion of Southern Cooking

    do none of u watch Sean Brock videos? didnt see a mention of him he changed my perspective on southern cooking..something completely new to me
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