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  1. trk

    Restaurants in Seattle

    "Mecca" in the sense that all the new restaurants have attracted a great deal of attention and visitors.  I don't believe the best food is had on the hill but the excitement and buzz has been focused in that area for a while now.  Lake Union is another, as you mentioned.  Bellevue - well, might...
  2. trk

    ? for private/personal chefs

    I must reiterate, i do believe it's at least a hint of envy.  Like you, I put in 20 HARD years in the industry so I surely don't feel like I took a shortcut or some cushy expressway to culinary success.  Most honest chefs over 35 will admit they would LOVE to cook for a Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos...
  3. trk

    ? for private/personal chefs

    It depends.  Private chef and personal chef are two different professions.  I worked as a Private Chef for 10 years - with one family exclusively.  I was their employee and under contract with them alone.  Personal Chefs generally operate as independent contractors, offering services to more...
  4. trk

    Restaurants in Seattle

    Capital Hill is really the mecca of the restaurant boom right now in this city.  If you are going to be living there, you would have no reason to seek work outside the neighborhood.  There is a new, or relatively new restaurant on almost every corner - and most of them are receiving outstanding...
  5. trk

    Feeling Unsafe at Work

    The towering Space Noodle in your signature was a tip off!  I am going on 22 years now in Seattle - transplant from Jersey.  Alas, my love affair with booze ended seven years ago but I drink coffee like I used to drink Vodka!  Thanks to all again.  (goober-alert!) It's back to worrying only...
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  7. trk

    Feeling Unsafe at Work

    Thanks for all the feedback.  I do feel vindicated. I emailed chef who contacted owner.  They FINALLY "investigated" the incident fully by interviewing me and everyone else that was present.  Happy to report the nut job is no longer an employee. It has restored my faith in humankind.  I...
  8. trk

    Feeling Unsafe at Work

    One of our cooks had a complete psychotic break this weekend, in full view of customers and with staff standing by with their thumbs up their as*#s.  Never, in 30 years, have I seen a melt down like this.  Full blown, blood curdling (think horror movie) screams continuously for 5 consecutive...
  9. trk

    Need Advice on Owner....

    Are you working for my former boss?  It's too freakishly similar! GET OUT!  Like others have said, she doesn't want or need an Exec. Chef.  When my former employer, who has absolutely no cooking skills, spent an hour "training" me on how to properly wash iceberg lettuce, I knew my days were...
  10. trk

    I'm sick...

    After decades of this bulls*@t, the "love of food" can be drained right out of your blood.  I ask myself the same question about sustaining my "passion" in the face of this relentless nuttiness but I always face the same existential crisis:  what else would I do?  who would I be if not this...
  11. trk

    Life as a Pastry Chef/Baker ? Please help me out here

    I'll be the curmudgeon here and say that after 30 years of professional baking and living on the very edge of poverty most of that time, I would NOT choose this career if I had it to do over again.  Yes, I love it and yes, it's a passion but the financial, physical, and emotional stress that...
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  16. trk

    Tres Leche Troubles

    Thanks again. And I fully agree that this cake, at least all those I've had, is totally uninspiring. What I've done for the restaurant, is add pumpkin to the cake and to the soaking liquid. I'm trying to make it a seasonal special. It works 99% of the time but I'd be happier with a sturdier...
  17. trk

    Tres Leche Troubles

    I will try that. The one I've been making these last few months is as finicky as my new, spazzed out kitten! Last week, I threw out two of them (the cakes, not the kittens!) before I produced one that was acceptable! That just won't do! Your recipe has no butter?
  18. trk Food Photo Competition

    I feel like the village idiot with all these questions but... Why can't I click on the vote icon? It won't let me! Can u vote for your own photo? Can non-registered guests vote?
  19. trk Food Photo Competition

    Thanks. I tried to upload but did not get any confirmation. What next?
  20. trk Food Photo Competition

    Do they have to be photos that I took? I had my son take some photos for me that I would love to submit. They have not been published anywhere else and were taken only for our own enjoyment. Thanks!
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