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  2. jessestarr

    Which type of saucepan should I use for my ceramic cook top?

    Copper saucepans tend to work well with glass-top ranges.
  3. jessestarr

    which 5+ quart capacity food processor/mixer do you like??

    As others have said, Robot-Coupe is the industry standard and is a great investment. It will last you many years of hard use and is easy to have serviced. You could also look for used Hobarts as they tend to be pretty expensive new but the older ones are fairly indestructible.
  4. jessestarr

    Double Boiler, HELP!

    I joined this forum primarily to offer advice on equipment and supplies but since noone has responded with a place to get a double broiler, if you PM me, I can help you out. Regards, Jesse
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