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  1. luvpie

    Martha Stewarts Christmas Cookie tv show of about 8 or more years ago

    I am sorry for coming in here to ask this but have spent too much time online trying to find an answer/recipe. If this is the wrong place to seek help please redirect me, thank you. Ok, so years ago I was watching MS do a Christmas TV special on her 10 favorite cookies. I watched the show...
  2. luvpie

    Problem with 'this' batch of English Toffee

    I made an English Toffee recipe from another foodie web site. Made it a year ago, it was perfect in every way. Made it a couple days ago, it didn't set up as hard at all plus didn't get that dark rich color or flavor although my candy thermometer registered at the specified temp. Was the...
  3. luvpie

    Why is your favorite food your favorite and what is it?

    Hi Mario, goodness I'm nervous to write this, < in a good way :) So very pleased to be in correspondence with someone that has such an incredible love and passion for food the same as I do.  My grandmother was head pastry chef at UCLA for 25 years.  She made the very best pie(s) I've ever had. ...
  4. luvpie

    Gala apple/corn muffins

    I made this the other night for dinner. They were an "oh I think this'll work" type recipe. Don't know what any of you would think seeing the recipe, but this is what went into the mixing bowl.... 1 1/2 cups ap flour [which is an eyeball situation] 3/4 cup yellow corn meal [again eyeballed] a...
  5. luvpie

    Patrick Swayze died

    Been knowing it was coming but still sad.
  6. luvpie

    remixed version of Chef PP's meatloaf

    I thought I posted this but see I didn't. It turned quite nice, husband enjoyed very much. This is going to sound odd or disgusting to some but it's honestly what I did. For some reason, I can't leave a proven recipe alone. PP's recipe for cajun meat loaf, but my way with deletions and...
  7. luvpie

    did anyone watch Top Chef Masters...

    ...last night the 12th of August? I did. Love that show, well, sort of love it. Maybe love to hate it is more accurate. Anyway, I saw Michael Chiarello in a completely new light. Always thought he came across as a super guy, a really nice likeable fella. Last night, wow, what a change. Came...
  8. luvpie

    dinner plans, what are you making?

  9. luvpie

    Cincinnati Chili

    Cincinnati Chili | CopyKat Recipes anyone ever make this stuff? if so, how is it?
  10. luvpie

    What kitchen hints can you share with the rest of us?

    I'd like to know what some of the things are that you've all learned over the years of your kitchen experience. Could you share. My kitchen is very large and spacious. It is configured in the perfect triangle also, fortunate for me. I always put a kitchen bag hanging from a drawer on the...
  11. luvpie

    I've got "this" what can I make?

    I don't feel real well. I'm tired and sore. My mind isn't wanting to generate any ideas. Dinner is hours away but this is what I have, ideas if any, are appreciated. Pulled chicken tenders from freezer they're defrosting. Lot's of sage and basil and fresh tomatoes. Heavy cream. All shapes of...
  12. luvpie

    Silver Palate Cookbook

    I have heard of this particular book for years . Finally picked it up @ used bookstore yesterday for $10 in Vienna haven't cracked it yet. Anyone know what's it's claim to fame is?
  13. luvpie

    what do I feed the grands?

    I'm babysitting for a couple of days. How do I make a quick [yet good for them] macaroni and cheese and spaghetti? Maybe even some veggie packed [that they'll not know] meatballs. Thank you, oh, they're 5 and 2.
  14. luvpie

    guests from Tel Aviv, recipes for their food

    People are coming to visit many familys in my area. They are from "Yafo" which is somewhere by Tel Aviv. My meal responsibility while they visit is the appetizer portion. There will be a total of 25 plus my husband and I. I would love to do a hummus bar with roti, also a Mediterranean cold salad...
  15. luvpie

    Hi new too, sorta

    hello, been here under different name. even joined in on the chat with GG. I was Luvpie. I could not get my password to work, nor could I get an email sent to me to fix my password. Nor did any of the chaprah or whatever they're called, work right. Sorry to post here, but don't know what to do...
  16. luvpie

    Todd English/David English chefs, related?

    I have searched and searched every place I know of and can't get the answer, can't get even close. I saw a thing on Chef David English who was setting up a new place in New Orleans, 7 something. He looks like Todd English to me and I wondered if they were related, brothers, cousins. Thanks for...
  17. luvpie

    please point me where I can see a definition of a muse bushe

    < Participant is not yet authorized to post links. >
  18. luvpie

    First timer today

    Hi to all of you. I am new here. I found it by accident searching out foodie forums. I'm a lover of all things food related. Have been frequenting several bulletin food boards for years now. It's one of the first things I do when I turn on the computer, check out who's cookin what. It's my...
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