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  1. chef bilby

    Worst things about being a Chef

    Only time you sit down as a Chef is when you need to take a sh*t :-(
  2. chef bilby

    Hi I'm a young aspiring chef in need of some advice!

    Here you go mate , have a read of this
  3. chef bilby

    can you please judge my dish?

    Agreed - ditch the tuilles but keep the feathering in your coulis  I've taught a lot of Thai's students in my time as a Teacher and this is typical of what I see every day - KISS - Keep It Simple Students -  is a mantra that I use - simplicity is the key to good presentation on any food item...
  4. chef bilby

    Worst things about being a Chef

    Just guessing here but I think MSN123 is a spam bot ..........mmmmmmmm Spam   
  5. chef bilby

    Worst things about being a Chef

    in ref to no 3. I hopped on a plane to go and see my olds ( parents ) in Nth QLD for Christmas - middle of Summer down here btw - and at the Airport I had a friendly Beagle sit patiently next to me at the baggage carousel , a little man from customs explained to me that he was a detector dog...
  6. chef bilby

    What are the basics any cook need to know in the kitchen !!!

    How to survive in the Stainless Steel Jungle   Work Clean , Work Tidy  Clean as you go  Turn up for work 15min ( minimum ) earlier than when your shift starts Shake Hands or say G'day to your Boss and work colleagues at the beginning and end of your shift Wash your hands Don't wear your...
  7. chef bilby

    dealing with hand witten checks on the line

    Well said mate , it's worse down here in Oz as they are all written with an accent and                                                                                            !!! uʍop-əpısdn uəʇʇıɹʍ 
  8. chef bilby

    What's on your person during service?

    25 yrs in the industry and you develop a Kit that you can take and work with every where - Pocket Knife , Lighter , Permanent Marker either in my sleeve pocket or double breast , Tea towel tucked into the back of a breasted butchers apron , neckerchief , Skull cap and thongs over the right...
  9. chef bilby

    Working and being sick

    Wine Flu or Grogitias !!
  10. chef bilby

    25 things chefs never tell you

     Ah see that's where you haven't seen the Irony in the list I put up - it is meant to be taken totally tongue in cheek  At the end of the day " Don't Sweat the Petty things & Don't Pet the Sweaty Things "
  11. chef bilby

    What do you think of the microwave. Are you for or against using it and why?

    A little off topic but relevant none the less - I met a bloke in Darwin who in the 80's removed the door of his microwave as he was sick of opening the door each time he used it  , he now has massive burns and tumours on his arms from this . Poor bugger. Found this on The Darwin Awards Web Site...
  12. chef bilby

    Working and being sick

    Harden Up Princess - stuff some Cold & Flu Drugs into ya and go to work . You've got a prep crew - mate sorry you're not a Chef - you're just a donkey who can cook             
  13. chef bilby

    Technique or Speed?

    + 1000 When I was a younger Commis I took a 2nd job in an Italian Cafe in Manly ( Sydney , Australia ) specifically to develop my speed and organisational skills - tiny kitchen 300+ meals , homemade pasta ( sauce recipes from the Nona of the Family ) - I had been working in a 4 star hotel on...
  14. What did you have for dinner?

    What did you have for dinner?

  15. chef bilby

    What did you have for dinner?

    Dinner for the some mates over for the Footy - Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls  Breaky for the missus the other morning , Poached Eggs , Avocado , Bacon , Tomato Concasse on a Sesame Bagel  Dinner the other night- Crumbed Lamb Cutlets , Sweet Potato Mash , Sauce Diane & Steamed Vegetable...
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