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  1. zydrus

    Roux sticking to pot

    As far as the pot being too hot.  Aren't you supposed to bring it to a boil in order to reach it's full thickening potential?  I can see maybe I'm not getting to the bottom of the pan hard enough while whisking at the beginning.   Ratio might be the problem as I don't typically measure.  Just...
  2. zydrus

    Roux sticking to pot

    When I make a roux it tends to stick to the bottom of pan I'm cooking it in.   I'm not sure if this is ratio issue or what I'm doing wrong.   I should clarify this is after I've added my liquids, not actually the roux stage itself.  So as I'm cooking it down to get the flour taste out.  I stir...
  3. zydrus

    Fresh vs Frozen meat

    I live in an area where I have a few supermarkets with pretty decent "butchers" in them.  So I've always been one that goes to the store several times a week depending on what I decide I want to eat each day and buy as fresh as I can.  The only protein I buy frozen is seafood because where I...
  4. zydrus

    low and slow smoking

    I have a Big Green Egg.  They are very good at holding temp when doing low and slow type cooking.  I love it because of the versatility.   I can do the low and slow or crank it up to insanely hot for steaks and everything in between.   However if you are looking for strait smoking options these...
  5. zydrus

    Age for becoming a Chef

    If you can't currently cook "which is my interpretation when you say can't boil water" why do you think you'd want to become a chef?  It seems to me the foundation for becoming a chef is a person that has a passion for cooking.  However I love to cook but don't think I'd like being a chef.  All...
  6. zydrus

    Return to truly simple cooking, always, at home.

    I like both actually.   When it comes to cooking Bobby Flay is my biggest influence.   I know some people don’t like him but I’ve never met the guy.   I like his cooking style and he seems like a pretty cool guy on TV.    He does all the grilling/BBQ cooking shows which I love but he can also do...
  7. zydrus

    Keeping food warm

    When cooking for a big group of people (well big to me anyway) about 8-10 people how do you go about keeping the food warm?  Keep in mind this isn't a catering deal where you have warmers and stuff just cooking family dinner for Easter for example at home.  I did rack of lamb, mashed potatoes...
  8. zydrus

    Broccoli Cheese Soup problem

    Well maybe my technique isn't correct as I have heard various opinions.  As for the cheese I have had this happen with both normal Kraft shredded cheddar in the bag and a good aged Vermont white cheddar when I was making mac and cheese once.  First I blanch my broccoli and drain it but reserve...
  9. zydrus

    Broccoli Cheese Soup problem

    I made some broccoli cheese soup last night and the soup itself is kind of grainy.  I seem to have this problem when I make cheese sauces and was hoping maybe I could get some advice.  I realize you can't see it but I wonder if this is a product of me not making the roux correctly or if maybe...
  10. zydrus


    I live in the midwest and recently read a few articles on buying shrimp.  They all basically said unless you are on a coast somewhere to buy frozen shrimp as it is all flash frozen and what you see in the case is previously frozen shrimp that has been thawed out and sold as fresh.  Frozen is...
  11. zydrus

    Home cook with random questions

    I stumbled across Gordon Ramsay's Boiling Point and Beyond Boiling Point last week.   Been pretty good so far, I'm thru Boiling Point and almost done with Beyond BP.  Don't really agree with his management style and really thought it was more for show in shows like Hell's Kitchen.  But it...
  12. zydrus

    Home cook with random questions

    I'm a home cook who just started cooking a few years ago. Since then I've become pretty interested in the food industry. I'd like to see how a professional kitchen is run although I don't know that I'd like to pursue that as a career. Just something I'm curious about. I have some questions and...
  13. zydrus

    Professional Kitchen documentary

    As a home cook I've often wondered how a professional kitchen works.  How they put out food as fast as they do, what they prep ahead of time, how they go about ordering food, etc.   I think I have an idea how some of this stuff is done but I was wondering if there was a documentary of sorts on...
  14. zydrus

    'Good' Knives? Shun, Mac, Etc.

    I stumbled across this forum about 2 weeks ago now asking many of the same questions you have.  So I have limited knowledge in this area but I'll will post some answers based on my observations of other post I've read and responses to my post.  1.  You are going be asked about sharpening...
  15. zydrus

    Overcooking veggies

    Great thread.  I've always wondered the proper way to cook veg and it seems it more of a personal preference than anything.   I know growing up my mom cooked veggies to death.  More often than not I like my veg with a bit of a crunch to it but wondered if others though it was undercooked. ...
  16. zydrus

    What did you have for dinner?

    Hi all,  I'm new to this forum and noticed this thread.  I figured I'd throw up a couple pictures of some of my recent cooks. This is roasted potato, corn, and bacon chowder.  My twist is I cooked the bacon on a sheet pan then roasted the potatoes in the bacon grease on same pan.  A little...
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