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    Gotta admit, that sounds awesome.  Would be great for those multi-day holiday gatherings where you need food to pick at or make sandwiches.   My mother would smoke a turkey for that purpose when I was growing up, and it was almost always my favorite thing about those big holidays.  My first...
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    Pine nut ideas?

    Wow that sounds good too! Pecorino? I wish. Not in high demand in my remote corner of Montana so it'll be Parmesan ...
  3. benjclark

    Hello From Chilly Wisconsin!

    I love soup and also dwell in a northern clime. What will be some highlights if your new menu?
  4. benjclark

    Pine nut ideas?

    Those are good. I had the thought if toasting, chopping fine then making a crust with them on pork cutlets.
  5. benjclark

    Pine nut ideas?

    I was gifted about a 1 lb bag of pine nuts. Ideas?
  6. What did you have for dinner?

    What did you have for dinner?

  7. benjclark

    What did you have for dinner?

    Checking in with breakfast. Tried the ol' bake an egg in an avacado. Need bigger avocados.
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    Looking for a good book/cookbook

    These look great!  I'm surprised how affordable nearly all of these are used online.  
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    How to get rid of fruit flies

    Using the little jar method last summer I picked up one small trick that sped the process way up.  It's a small thing when using a small jar/ glass method --- use a bit of plastic wrap across the top held tight with a rubber band and poke small holes in the plastic wrap.  The flies have an easy...
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    Hello all from NE Montana

    Hi. I'm a home cook.  Professionally a museum guy and have played around some with historic foodways, like making my own Civil War rations and living on them for a few days during a reenactment event, "Three sisters" gardens, etc.  I'm a  huge savory+sweet fan, I love veggies, and any...
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