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  1. trk

    Feeling Unsafe at Work

    One of our cooks had a complete psychotic break this weekend, in full view of customers and with staff standing by with their thumbs up their as*#s.  Never, in 30 years, have I seen a melt down like this.  Full blown, blood curdling (think horror movie) screams continuously for 5 consecutive...
  2. trk

    Tres Leche Troubles

    I've only made this cake three times in my career. It's not a favorite of mine and I don't have a "special" recipe for it. When my boss asked me to make one this past weekend for a very special benefit for which the cake was a contribution, I said I would give it my best shot. I researched a...
  3. trk

    Caring for Global knife

    I'm not a knife hound like some of y'all and have used the same two knives (a Henkels which was a gift, and a Wusthof) for years. As I've mainly worked in pastry or as a private chef, having a plethora of great knives was never as important as owning every size and every size I bought my...
  4. trk

    Need help/advice on dead end job.

    I was laid off last year in February from my position as private chef for a couple who owned a mortgage company. I probably don't need to explain why. After being unemployed for eight months, I accepted a position as Chef of a neighborhood cafe, ostensibly to overhaul their THIRTY YEAR OLD...
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