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  1. joyo

    Style of Preparing Eastern Veggie with same Texture as Meat?

    It is seitan otherwise known as wheat meat.  It is made by rinsing the starch out of flour by working a dough ball under water which is changed frequently.  You are then left with a gluten mass.  On its own it has as much interest as wonder bread.   Once the gluten mass is made it is then...
  2. joyo

    April 2015 Challenge: Seafood

    Hi mimi- it is wild cod.  The piece was large so it was folded in on itself. Hi eastshores-  Yup it is the same base switching out the stock to clam, as you mentioned.  Manhattan clam chowder is a wanna be.........
  3. April 2015 Challenge: Seafood

    April 2015 Challenge: Seafood

  4. joyo

    April 2015 Challenge: Seafood

    Classic New England Fish Chowder (almost!) Okay we still have snow on the ground and I had to shovel off my raised beds so they could defrost.  I hope I can get a garden in this year; however there is snow on the books for tomorrow- once again....... So fish chowder for dinner seemed in order...
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  12. joyo

    April 2015 Challenge: Seafood

    Just so I'm clear on this; it is both fresh and saltwater critters?
  13. joyo

    March 2015 Challenge: MINCE

    Good work Koukou!   Your meatloaf wellington is giving me lots of ideas.  Everything is better in a crust, even meatloaf!
  14. joyo

    March 2015 Challenge: MINCE

    I hope I'm not too late! Stuffed Squid Stew Small cleaned squid bodies, minced tentacles, italian sausage, parmesan, fresh basil, fresh parsley, minced shallots, egg, soft bread crumbs, salt and pepper.  Mix everything together, except for the bodies. Stuff the squid, but be careful to...
  15. March 2015 Challenge: MINCE

    March 2015 Challenge: MINCE

  16. dinner squid.jpg

    dinner squid.jpg

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    stew squid.jpg

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    stuffrd squid.jpg

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