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  1. pastrymama

    Ever make mochi balls?

    I didn't mean with the filling, just the outer dough that they made.
  2. pastrymama

    Ideas for plating panna cotta

    If you use acetate sheets rolled into tubes and taped you can keep the panna cotta just refrigerated.  When needed, untape and roll out of the acetate onto the plate.  Unless your panna cotta is so soft it won't hold shape it should work easily.
  3. pastrymama

    Ever make mochi balls?

    The dough in the video is what you want.  It is extruded and cut into the little pieces.  I suppose you could roll it out thin and cut into strings and cut them into little pieces.  It must be kept covered and refrigerated.  You can also flavor it with fruit paste or match green tea powder.
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    job filled
  5. pastrymama

    creme brulee cheesecake?

    I sometimes buy mini pastries for very large parties,  I have bought creme brulee tarts and the topping on them looks like burned sugar, but is really just a clear glaze with some caramel flavoring swirled in to look like it is a burned sugar.  It is not crackly like a true burned sugar, but...
  6. pastrymama

    Foam Display Cakes

    I have bought them from   they offer sets or individual cake dummies.  Very reasonably priced, and they ship pretty quick.
  7. lupe & tim's wedding oct. 2007 (72)

    lupe & tim's wedding oct. 2007 (72)

  8. pastrymama

    Looking for a book

    Professional Baking by Wayne Gisslen is an excellent book that has a lot of the basics of baking as well as recipes and The Professional Pastry Chef by Bo Frieberg is also an excellent book(s) The newest version is actually 2 books, one on baking and the other mostly desserts. Both of these...
  9. pastrymama

    making drop cookies efficiently

    We do all our cookies by scooping and freezing the raw dough. We use a number 30 and number 70 scoop. We keep them in lexans in the freezer and take out what we need daily. I have not had a problem doing this with any type of cookie. The only ones I let soften before baking are ones that need...
  10. pastrymama

    Tres Leche Troubles

    I like this recipe from Mex Grocer it uses some yolks with the milks so it isn't so wet. I use pastruized yolks for safety. Pastel de Tres Leches
  11. pastrymama

    Tylose substitute for gumpaste recipe

    here is a link to a recipe with gelatin instead of tylose. I have not made it so I'm not sure how good it is, but this is about the only substitute besides tragacanth. How to make sugar gum paste? - Yahoo! Answers
  12. pastrymama

    Very tall NY Style Cheesecake

    The recipe supplied by Philladelphia brand cream cheese will work well. You will need 3# of cheese for a 10" pan. When you bake it you will need to put the pan in a deep pan and add water all the way to just under the rim of the cheesecake pan. I always just use regular cake pans, not...
  13. pastrymama

    Making Brownies

    Brownies just seem to do that. When I spread the batter in the pan I place most of it in the center and leave it there. There is some batter out to the edges but the majority is in the center. As it bakes it will flatten out and I never have the higher sides. I hope this will help.
  14. pastrymama

    Patisse Slow Set Pecin

    The slow set pectin is for jelly. Fast set is for jams and preserves, fast so the fruit doesn't sink. You can use either for pate de fruit.
  15. pastrymama

    need some ideas for mixing lg batch cake batter

    If you are making cakes that require creaming to add air to the batter like a sponge, a stick blender won't be good, since they don't add air. They just blend and break up solids. But if you are making some butter cake or oil cake recipes it might work. I have a couple of cake recipes that I...
  16. pastrymama

    pate de fruit

    here is a link to the Boiron fruit puree pate de fruits chart and recipe. These recipes work very well, just take note of the sugar percent and try to use a puree that is in the same range.
  17. pastrymama

    Hotel vs. restaurant pastry jobs

    It sort of depends on the size of the property as to what your job will entail. In a small hotel 200-300 rooms, you may have to most of the production with one or two assistants, as well as develop menus for each season for the restaurants, banquets etc. You may have a separate working area or...
  18. pastrymama

    Critique my menu.

    I think you have a great selection, some interesting and unusual items. I would like to try one of everything.
  19. pastrymama

    Fall Desserts???

    I make a warm ginger cake. It is a variation of a sticky toffee pudding with grated, ground and candied ginger in it. It is so good!
  20. pastrymama

    Best Sugar for Creme Brulee

    I like to grind up crystal sugar for creme brulee. It is free of contaminants and melts clean and easily.
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