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  1. jojobaltimore

    Question about Chefs

    I would rather learn from 20 certified chefs, than working at a restaurant where there is only 1 chef avalible to learn from... Most of the time these restaurabt chefs will be in the office looking at their Facebook updates. Obviously working in a Michelin style kitchen you will learn great...
  2. jojobaltimore

    FCI's Italian Culinary Academy Is it worthwhile?

    Move to NYC and work for Micheal White... that will save you 38K.  In all seriousness the Italian program seems well worth it.. I'm currently about to finish up at FCI and from what I can tell the students look very happy..  5 months in NYC, 4 months in Italy...... Priceless!
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  4. jojobaltimore

    Pay Rate for NYC line cook?

    I was just wondering what kind of pay rate I should expect when I move to New York. I know that it probably varies a lot from place to place. I know Keller, Boulud, JGV, can get execellent line cook that will work for dirt cheap,(resume) until they earn respect. I also know its really hard to...
  5. jojobaltimore

    Slowest line cook ever

    I agree with duckFat,but the only kicker is this kid thinks he knows it all. No oes does. A good line cook needs to be able to work on 10 tickets at one time if you have the dups in front of your face. His pay rate should have a bit to do with the outcome. Some guys have the mentality that...
  6. jojobaltimore

    College Grad looking into Culinary School .. help?

    RAS, That is Danny Meyer quote, he is the most sucessful restaurantuor in the USA. 12 time Beard winner:D Paolo, from what I hear the Insititute of Culinary education in NYC is also very good. They are diploma as well?? You see a theme here?
  7. jojobaltimore

    College Grad looking into Culinary School .. help?

    Paolo the only difference between the FCI's diploma program and 2 year AA is the general education classes, which are meaningless in the day to day bussiness. Especially if you are looking to cook in a very highend French style restaurant. If you are looking for a corperate gig carry a clip...
  8. jojobaltimore

    Financial Aid / Scholarships - For those that have attended Culinary School

    All I know is the James Beard scholarship is very competitive. I am thinking about applying myself. Let me know what kind of info you stir up!
  9. jojobaltimore

    College Grad looking into Culinary School .. help?

    Paolo, I'm also from Baltimore. Glad to see Baltimore up in here! I have been cooking for about 5 years, and the last two 2 years I have become very serious. FWIW, I looked into attending BIC but I just didnt get a good feel for the college. The facilities are nice from what I can tell. I have...
  10. jojobaltimore

    Question Regarding "Interview Attire"

    As a line cook I always felt that a stylish button up shirt, tucked in jeans with nice dress shoes was/is acceptable.... I feel as if a line cook interviewing in a suit and tie just dosent mix. However, an exc chef interviewing for a coperate job in a restaurant or hotel would need to look nice...
  11. jojobaltimore

    Battle Scars of the kitchen

    My worst was when a convection steamer went cahhhput on manual setting... it pretty much sprayed out steam when I opened the door on the top of my hand/wrist. instant blister the size of a small cell phone in that area.. It took about 2 weeks to heal over... Getting burnt with a sheet pan in the...
  12. jojobaltimore

    Interesting Books for an Apprentice

    Kitchen confidentals was most inspiring for me. It just made everything more clear. Devil in the kitchen was great! I followed that read up with roasting in ****'s kitchen, Ramseys auto bio. I also enjoyed The seasoning of a chef by Doug Psalsits(?) it talked a lot about his travling, staging...
  13. jojobaltimore

    What do YOU like about working in a restaurant?

    Jelly great insight, I share a lot of your passions. When it comes down to it there's nothing like the energy of a kitchen... You sort of become an addict of stress at least I do. Having a beer at 1:oo am with your fellow cooks after doing 300-500 covers on a sat night at a super high level is...
  14. jojobaltimore

    paying for pastry school

    Sallie Mae offers private student loans... I think you will need the career training loan that they offer. If your credit is good 700+ they will give you all the money in the world that you will need to cover the loan and living expense up to like 60K. If not you will need a trustworthy...
  15. jojobaltimore

    ICE vs. FCI

    Slowandlow, I'm looking to go to FCI in about 6 months. I went to FCI on a visit and it was awesome. The visit was 1st rate. I saw two master chefs Alain Sailhac and A. Soltnar on campus. I talked to the career placement guy and he was 1st rate talking about interning and staging at NYC...
  16. jojobaltimore

    Taking the next step

    I am still learning and still light years away from where I want to be but I have to say that these books listed below have been the most influential books that I have read. *Kitchen Confidentials by Bourdain, the best cooking book you'll read *The Seasoning of a Chef by Psaltis, talks about...
  17. jojobaltimore

    London, taking a trip next month

    My sister and brother and law just moved to England from the US, and are promising me a free trip out there and these are the spots I want to visit. I'm a big Ramsay and Marco Pierre-White fan. Of course I will have to save a lot of dough! here's my list 1. Le Gavroche 2. The Fat Duck 3. one...
  18. jojobaltimore

    Kitchen Pranks!?

    The bar rag/chicken parm is a classic! I've heard some good stories about it. Funny stuff!
  19. jojobaltimore

    Am I too old?

    Payton, Michael Ruhlman's book " The Reach of a Chef" talks about this same topic. Pretty much the number of career changers has grown at the CIA over the past 5 or 5 years. It's worth going Barnes and Nobles and buying this book. Also, kitchen confidentials by Bourdain. I would also recommend...
  20. jojobaltimore

    Cooking in Las Vegas?

    Is it pretty tough toget a stage at some of the higher end restaurants? I looking at about 10 spots, Bouchon, Aqua Knox, Picasso's, Mesa Grill, Bradley Ogden, Gay Savoy, Michael Mina, Guy Savoy, Oliives, L'Atelier, Joel Roubochon, Alex, Bouloud, well you guys catch my drift, some where very...
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