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  1. chef bilby

    What the Strangest Thing you've Seen whilst "On the Tools" ???

    As the title suggests - What is the Strangest , Dodgiest , Biggest Cowboy Move you've seen in the Stainless Steel Jungle Here's a few of my favorites 12 min Roast Chicken - Wrappes in foil and Deef Fried from frozen !!!Running out of Baked Beans for a Customer and Sifting them out of a...
  2. chef bilby

    G'day form Sydney

    G'day, Chef Bilby here in Sunny Oz , thought i'd check this site out and give it a burl. Chef for 20yrs and now teaching Comm Cookery & Hospitality to Diploma Level in Sydney Australia ( really close to where Nemo lives ) Drop me a pm to say g'day or if you have any questions about food or...
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