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  1. cookandeat

    Need help in recreating a pastry like pizza crust

    I'm trying to figure out a pizza crust I like very much. The crust is full of layering which I assume if from (fats). The layering I'm after is like a pie crust however it's lighter, more airy, and drier. By drier I'm mean the water or the fat content is lower. I struggle getting layers when...
  2. cookandeat

    Chicago isn't just deep dish pizza

    In fact, Chicago used to be known for it's thin crust and still is too many other Chicagoans. Here is a Chicago pizzeria quality pizza recipe I've been messing with for the past week or so. 14 inch dough formulation: 200g AP flour (I used King Arthur) 94g water (47%) 10g corn oil (5%) 1/8 tsp...
  3. cookandeat

    Improve my chicken tacos

    Hi everyone. I love the more authentic chicken tacos taste. I use a very basic recipe that is very good. However I feel it needs a sauce (aioli) to bring it all together. Current recipe: Corn Tortillas (chared over the gas burner) Grilled chicken seasoned with salt, pepper and granulated...
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