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  1. pohaku

    Spring Mushrooms

    I was out camping over the weekend.  While it was cold and wet, the morels are out early this year.  Picked a bunch and bought a bunch.  Lightly sauteed in butter with a few shreds of bacon.  Served with polenta.  Great camping fare.
  2. pohaku

    Chinese New Year Street Food in Honolulu

    Not precisely a restaurant, but an infinitely larger menu!
  3. pohaku

    Tojiro ITK Shirogami Wa-Gyuto 210mm - Public Service Announcement

    They're here.  CKtG also has the Shirogami 120mm petty in stock as well.  100 of each if I remember right.  Last time 25 of the Gyutos sold out in a day, so move fast if you want one.  I've already snagged mine.  FWIW, I have no relation to CKtG aside from being a happy customer.
  4. pohaku

    Wanted - Recipes for making Pancetta

    I'm playing around with a bit of charcuterie and thought I'd give home made pancetta a shot.  The weather is cool here and I have a large screen porch, so I have a window of time before it becomes my walk in freezer for the winter.  Anyone have a recipe that they particularly like?  I have one...
  5. pohaku

    Volrath Tribute Handles

    Thinking of replacing my disk based stainless pans (Cuisinart).  The Vollrath Tribute line has, mostly, silicone covered handles.  I would prefer metal handles and to just use a bar towel or a slip on insulated cover.  Can anyone tell me what kind of handle is under the silicone cover?  If I...
  6. pohaku

    Opinions/advice on a working set of knives

    I would appreciate some advice/opinions on a knife purchase for my daughter.   She is a college student who currently works part-time doing prep, deserts and sandwiches at our local winebar/café.  She has the opportunity to learn more from the owners and the cooks there.  They have the usual...
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