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  1. tessa

    low fat canned tuna/salmon recipes

    as you know im on a fitness regime at the moment and want to increase my fish intake (im not a huge canned fish fan but do like it occassionaly) my brain has gone blank ..... must be why i need more fish :talk::talk: but anybody got some really tasty low fat ideas using canned tuna/salmon...
  2. tessa

    thank you for the birthday wishes

    from who ever sent it to my email i have had a great birthday been spoilt rotton and went out for a great turkish meal today with my honey and a great yumcha with family and friends on sunday
  3. tessa

    any of you watching the olympics

    im not a huge sports fan but its quite exciting watching the olympics, i didnt get to see much of the opening because it was after midnight here when it was on, but i have wached a bit of rowing and the 245km cycle race. what kinds of olympic sports do you all like to watch, i really enjoy...
  4. tessa

    Izbnso how did the baking go ?

    have you tried the recipe yet , and if so did you like it??
  5. tessa

    any WACS judges for competitions help please

    as you all know im entering national competitions shortly does anybody know if it is acceptable to use organic rose petals as part of a design or a garnish for a fruit flan or is that a disqualifying factor
  6. tessa

    Gummy Bear and I_am_the_one

    oooooppppppppps that should read The_only-oneand any other teens on this site, I just want to take my hat off to you and say im so impressed by your keen interest in cooking and food at such young ages. I just think its awesome that you all are so keen, never stop learning, never stop asking...
  7. tessa

    to smoke foods

    can you do it on or in an electric stove or does it have to have flame heat for it to be effective ?
  8. tessa

    i won a bronze medal at our regional comps

    the comp i was entering was a fruit flan comp it was a regional comp for some chef schools as a prelude for the big salon culinare in september i called my flan "round the campfire" sweet short vanilla flavoured pastry with a lemon and passionfruit velvety pastry cream topped with honey dew...
  9. tessa

    just me popping in to let you know im still alive and kicking

    im just so full on with school and work and doing training for both regional and national competitions with fruit flans that i dont have much spare time at the moment but just wanted to let you know that im still here and will be back properly as soon as im able , hope your all keeping well and...
  10. tessa

    check out this cool photographic site

    this is a great site showcasing some cool photography from around mostly auckland but also the occasional photo of other places in our beautiful country Auckland Daily Photo
  11. tessa

    hi guys i need a bit of help

    have any of you done London city and guilds 706/1 and 706/2 MY tutor thinks im too advanced for my class and wants to fasttrack me in to the higher level class, now i did these quals way back in 1986 and need to explain to the head of department what it was i actually did , i cant remember...
  12. tessa

    has anybody made

    pear chutney/relish or pear jam /jelly or pear preserves and if so do you have a recipe you want to share,
  13. tessa

    has anybody got a great peach chutney recipe

    they want to share with me, My Mans mum has given me half a bucket of peaches off her tree and i want to make some chutney with them
  14. tessa

    Hi everybody im back

    I was just so full on with school work, assignments and exams and working , and also my partner Bruce had his father pass away the end of october. And gearing up for christmas , thats why i wasnt around for a while. I did wonder how you were all getting on and what was new
  15. tessa

    today is my first day at becoming an adult student again

    I dont know if i have mentioned it or not , but i decided togo back to school to develop my chef skills and become a pastry chef .Today is the first day of the year long course , so im sure it will be pretty relaxed , but im so looking forward to studying and learning new skills and the artistic...
  16. tessa

    hello from New Zealand

    Hi everybody , my name is Tessa, im a chef from New Zealand , i have been a qualified chef since 1986 worked in the industry for for about 14-15 yrs had a big break from it then came back in to this amazing industry fulltime 3 yrs ago. Some things need to be relearnt:look:, but its amazing how...
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