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  1. cbuchholz

    New and could use some advice!

    :chef: Well I start school on January 5th! I can't believe its coming up so soon. I'm really excited but I'm also pretty nervous. I work full time (7am-3:30pm Mon-Fri) in Lancaster CA and will be commuting to attend Mon-Fri classes from 6-11pm. If anyone is attending CSCA - Pasadena I would LOVE...
  2. cbuchholz

    Hi from Cortney in CA

    :p Hello all! I'm going to be starting CSCA- Pasadena in January 09. I'm so excited, just not sure what to expect as I've never really worked in the food industry before (save for a smoothie/sandwich shop in highschool). I'm currently working for Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as a...
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