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  1. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    I bought the artifex 210 in 52100, haven't seen many ultimatum's available in any other flavors of steel other than aeb-l, and aogami. Despite being basic and ugly, I grew to love my richmond 240 tall gyuto, despite an inability to hold a steep edge for any long period of time. I also grew...
  2. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    Yall aren't making it an easy desicion between hap40 and srs-15. I did pick up a the Takamura r2 180. Can't wait. Mark said he should be able to find a saya that will fit the Moritaka ks. Also grabbed the richmond 52100 210 gyuto as my a project/line knife. It's so cheap I figured why not. My...
  3. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    Thanks for the information, one of the reasons I haven't given so much attention to a lot of these high hrc tool steals is... I had the hardest time with deburring my vg-10 knive, and I have heard some horror stories, mainly with poorly heat treated M390. I hated sharpening it, but I loved...
  4. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    And ed, I did file a police report, and informed the local pawn shops. Unfortunately I don't have renters insurance, or comprehensive car insurance.
  5. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    Thanks a lot rick, do you have any hands on experience with the Kenehide. What's the grind like? 80/20? And do you have any experience with kohetsu hap40?
  6. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    BrianShaw that was a joke right? I usually keep my knives in my work locker, once every couple of weeks I'll bright them home for sharpening. This wasn't some envious Co worker... this was probably some drug addict. I usually use my Suji for slicing cooked and uncooked meet. Breaking down...
  7. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    Thanks all for your input, I am looking for knife recomendations, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about most of the brands. Let me put it differently, Say YOUR working knife kit was stolen, today... and you had roughly $700 to play with for purchasing knives only, what would you buy...
  8. grahapes

    August 2015 Challenge - Eggplant

    I ran eggplant parmesan bites as a special in our restaurant a couple weeks ago, they sold like hotcakes.
  9. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    Yesterday was a rough day for me... All my tools... all of them, are gone, stolen from my car. So I need some help with some suggestions. On the way is a Moritaka KS 250 and was wondering if someone could give me some Saya suggestions. What will fit?. Doesn't need to be extremely fancy...
  10. grahapes

    Fig brulee, peach and burrata plate up and garnish suggestions

    I was messing around at work. Slow night... Besides the plate itself... need plate up and garnish suggestions. I was thinking maybe arugula. We get some nice local micro fennal and micro basil but idk.Fig brulee, peach, burrata cheese, balsimic reduction,honey. Some micro mint lavender wold be...
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  12. grahapes

    Best knife for mid to high level experience

    You can find it on amazon, not a true Damascus knife. The folds are purely cosmetic although the hammered dimples help to prevent food sticking to the blade, similar to a granton or hollow edge blade. Tojiro are absolutely great knives, and your not going to find much of that quality or...
  13. grahapes

    Coreless Damascus

    I was quoting jck. As stated above. All I am asking is do you see any benefits of this. Why can't I find any info on them, surely someone has bought one. The outer "Damascus" outer layers on say a shun, are purely aesthetic correct? Do you see any benefits in layering vg-2 and vg-10 as your...
  14. grahapes

    Coreless Damascus

              Hello my name is Graham and i am new to this forum, but not new to knives, sharpening, cooking, steel types etc and look forward to share any knowledge i have in the future, but for now... Anyone have any experience with coreless Damascus. the process of layer, folded and forge welded...
  15. Coreless Damascus

    Coreless Damascus

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  18. grahapes

    preferring dexter chef over japanese gyutos

    Well I don't know what to tell you then, just keep using your Dexter then, you'll safe a hell of a lot on knives if that's the case.All the more merry to splurge on the one you like when you find it. try Sur-La-Table or Williams-Sanoma if you got a brick and morter near you, they'll let you test...
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