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  1. maryb

    Fall off on number of posts

    Clicking new posts brings up new posts in ALL forums and I have to wade thru garbage I am not interested in. I am done here. Time to find a functional forum.
  2. maryb

    Fall off on number of posts

    Food and Cooking forum used to have a half dozen posts a day or more. Since the upgrade? ONE post a day... this new forum is not as user friendly, to hard to read new posts in just the forums you are interested in(click on a forum, now try to read new posts on topics you are following. Wait...
  3. maryb

    Aleppo pepper

    Chili de arbol has a very similar flavor profile but more heat so as a sub use less of it... I see sweet paprika mixed 4:1 with cayenne and maybe a bit of salt as a sub also. You can buy Aleppo peppers online
  4. maryb

    Thanksgiving Cooking Challenge November 2019

    Green bean casserole *barf* over cooked green beans swimming in a can of cream of mushroom soup...
  5. maryb

    Making some dishes upfront, for family gathering...

    Reheated mashed are gross. But you can cook the potatoes off the day before, reheat by adding a little water to the bottom of the pan and steam them then uncover and let water evaporate(just like you would making making them same day) then mash the way you like. I do smashed with a fork with...
  6. maryb

    New site looks great!

    Back to reading new posts... I don't want to see what is new in EVERY sub forum. Say I open Food & Cooking, I want to be able to jump to the first new post in a thread like the old forum allowed. I only read a couple of the forums and having to wade thru posts in forums I am not interested in is...
  7. maryb

    Currently boiling down a beef stock, after advice.

    Veggie beef soup with barley!!!
  8. maryb

    Smaller batch Slow Cooker Apple Butter

    This only makes 5 pints... not that much...
  9. maryb

    New site looks great!

    So where is the button to see new posts to a thread without having to scroll through stuff I already read? And the cookie nag banner? I have abandoned sites over it! I REFUSE to allow tracking cookies or ads.
  10. maryb

    Need recipe for homemade tomato sauce

    Cook in a pan until skins and seeds separate completely, push through a mesh strainer to separate the skins and seeds from the sauce. Return to a simmer and cook down to your desired thickness. No seasoning needed other than a bit of salt(remember if you are reducing salt concentrates). Put a...
  11. maryb

    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    Salt, pepper, flour the outside(seasoned flour), pan fry, eat.
  12. maryb

    Walk in the forest, I found some nice Porcini mushrooms!

    Love morels and pick them every spring! Nothing beats a morel sliced then sauteed in butter with a bit of garlic, salt, pepper... cook them down until no more liquid is released then add a splash of worchestershire sauce, cook that down a bit, then add a pat of butter off the heat to thicken...
  13. maryb

    September Cooking Challenge - Challenge Yourself . . . with a Food Allergy

    I have done salt free for years when cooking for a friend(I kept a tub of kosher salt there so I could salt my food after cooking, not ideal but I am a salt fiend), I have done gluten free meals for another friend but instead of adapting a dish I just cook things naturally gluten free...
  14. maryb

    Idea for a monthly cooking challenge...

    City people have a LOT of wild plants they can forage for! You would be surprised of you started looking at parks etc(make sure it is legal to forage there! And that they don't use chemical weed killers).
  15. maryb


    Yes you can in a non stick pan, use lower heat(fumes form burning non stick are very unhealthy), leave the burger until you see juices coming out of the top then flip to finish to your desired internal temp(rare, med rare etc). It takes a little longer but you can still get a nice crust by being...
  16. maryb

    Idea for a monthly cooking challenge...

    You might be surprised, check Craigslist, here many sell morels, other mushrooms etc.
  17. maryb

    Idea for a monthly cooking challenge...

    Future idea...
  18. maryb

    Idea for a monthly cooking challenge...

    Wild caught or wild foraged... fish, wild game, mushrooms, wild edible plants... the main part f the dish needs to come from something you find in the wild(or buy from a local forager, this rules out so called wild caught fish at the store, same for a store selling wild game, you are not buying...
  19. maryb

    Sandwich Ideas for finishing sous vide chicken on the flattop?

    Could reheat the chicken on the flat top then... butter, add a splash of water then cover to steam it.
  20. maryb

    Sandwich Ideas for finishing sous vide chicken on the flattop?

    Chicken club, leave breast whole and hold in chicken broth on the steam table.
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