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  1. ChefRossy

    Test Run for Personal Chef

    So I tried a test run today on my day off from work to see what my timing would be like for 7-14 entrees. Although I am not too happy with some of the dishes, I had done quite a lot of research on how to cut down on my prep time so I invested in a Breville Sous Chef chop & dice to help me. Quite...
  2. ChefRossy

    Personal Chefs, what do you take with you

    I was wondering what personal chefs here take with them on a job and what do you use at the client's house. Thanks
  3. ChefRossy

    Personal chef Thread

    I was wondering if there was a thread or forum here for personal chefs? I have a lot of questions and don't want to waste other people's time. Thanks
  4. ChefRossy

    Preping food for freezing

    I was wondering if there were any recommendations on how to prep and cook food (complete meals) freeze and then reheat in an oven. I know some sauces that use a thickener can seperate but was wondering if there were any other suggestions. Thanks
  5. ChefRossy

    Setting up a personal chef business

    As I am nearing finishing school, I am trying to get my dishes ready for my personal chef business and was wondering if anyone has had any experience setting one up? I am willing to join any association to further the cause but don't want to spend unnecessary money. Any suggestions would be most...
  6. ChefRossy

    Hi everyone

    Hello to everyone . I am excited to join cheftalk and I am looking forward to learning and possibly contributing. I am getting ready to graduate from rouxbe in December and will be starting a personal chef business soon after that. Thanks for reading
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