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    Question about intellectual property & partnerships.

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I felt this needed addressed. For context, I was an attorney for 10 years before getting back into restaurants, and I am still an active licensed member of my state's bar. Recipes in and of themselves are NOT subject to copyrights. Copyrights extend only to...
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    Employee rights receiving "comment card" Poor Management HELP

    I spent ten years practicing law.  If you are in the US then there is absolutely no legal remedy for what you described.  Essentially you disagree with why you were reprimanded by your employer.  Did they dock your pay?  Knock off your hours?  Suspend you?  Unless you have some employment...
  3. wvman2374

    New Food Truck Venture

    I don't have any experience with food trucks, so with the particulars I can't comment. What I would suggest though, is that you ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years...ten years...etc?  And does leaving your current position and working a breakfast food truck help you reach those goals...
  4. wvman2374

    Chefs to Watch and Learn from?

    Anything with Marco.  As was said, he is inspiring. Chef John at has about a million cooking videos on his youtube that are engaging and entertaining, but also straight forward and on point.  He cooks pretty much everything in the world and uses the proper techniques, unlike what...
  5. wvman2374

    How to cut up a tomato

    1. Any discussion on dicing tomatoes should involve doing so without dicing the seedball along with it.  Typically you would do this by curring the flesh off into 'petals' leaving the inner seedball, or by carving the flesh off in one long cut around the tomato.  Then you can cut just the flesh...
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    Struggling as a line cook...

    Exactly what I was thinking when I read the OP. I've worked in places like that.  Whats going on is they are going rock bottom on labor costs--10 to 14 percent, no joke--they are looking for the guys who can run half a line at once, so they can have 2 cooks on instead of 5.  Its more of a...
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    Did or did you not go to culinary school? Was it worth it?

    I'd add Marco Pierre White to your list.  3-stars at the age of 33, and no culinary school. My two cents on the rest of it all is that most of the "big name" schools are not worth the expense (this is true of universities in the US in general nowadays).  But there are plenty of community...
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    Head Chef wants Me to do 5 courses for $11!

    $11 is definitely doable.  You just have to pick and choose where those dollars are going to go. A dessert course can be made for $.50/person or less, easy.  Thats one course out of five and barely dips into your budget.  Your app can be done cheap as well, so if you plan it right you could...
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    food cost what is it and how do you figure it?

    You're looking for the cost of ingredients/product that goes into putting a dish in front of the customer.  This should include every little bit of product used in the creation of that dish. As was said you have to keep track of trim and waste to get an accurate number. Theres other factors to...
  10. wvman2374

    Manager salary

    Just a word of caution, if his salary is no more than $455 a week he will be entitled to overtime pay (based on his computed hourly rate).
  11. wvman2374

    Is it tacky or unprofessional to under frost cupcakes and then charge extra for "extra" frosting?

    Saw this from the front page and it really got to me. They use cake mixes??  Why?  Its not that time consuming to make cake batter, even in large batches as long as you have the proper equipment and setup.  Unless you're doing something extraordinary it should take like 15 minutes tops to make...
  12. wvman2374

    Resting steaks in beurre monte

    Wow thats clever!   What fat are you using for this?  I'm assuming you're dry aging the subprimal strip loin, and you have to trim that it the fat from the fat cap?  Or from other parts of the animal from the butcher or your own butchering? Moving into the new kitchen on tuesday...
  13. wvman2374

    Resting steaks in beurre monte

    I'll be making some test steaks soon.  Contractor just finished grouting the kitchen tiles this weekend, moved in the equipment on the line yesterday so they can wire the island equipment from the top today.  I'll post my results when I get some test runs done. Heres my line as it stands now...
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    Chicken picatta pizza?!?

    I think it sounds like a good idea. Probably best as a white pizza, and instead of tomato sauce use a typical 'piccata' sauce....lemon juice and wine, shallots, capers, mount with butter. I'm assuming this is for in store service and not take out type pizza.  Would be great on a...
  16. wvman2374

    Why oh why do some customers expect to see the (head) chef at the table???!!!

    You need to develop your "withering glare" better.  It should be just the right mixture of pity and disgust.  I rarely have to raise my voice anymore, just the appropriate look gets things done...
  17. wvman2374

    LOL which one of you guys put out this ad?

    They forgot to state "Compensation:  Minimum Wage"
  18. wvman2374

    egg cookery

    That does sound good...
  19. wvman2374

    egg cookery

    I can't imagine that eggs that have been baked, frozen and microwaved would be very appetizing. Could you bake an amount every day before service, trying to anticipate how many you will need?  Never tried to hold cooked eggs for any length of time, so don't know how well they would hold up.  ...
  20. wvman2374

    Opening a Restaurant - HAACP/SOP

    I've been going through this process myself.  Its not pleasant. Each state is free to establish its own food code.  Every state is using a model food code from the FDA, with some state level alterations.  It looks like you are in Michigan, which would be under the 2005 Food Code.  You can find...
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