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  1. kippers

    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    Djoko this should make you more homesick
  2. garden & BBQ 325.jpg

    garden & BBQ 325.jpg

  3. garden & BBQ 324.jpg

    garden & BBQ 324.jpg

  4. garden & BBQ 321.jpg

    garden & BBQ 321.jpg

  5. garden & BBQ 326.jpg

    garden & BBQ 326.jpg

  6. kippers

    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    no they give you to much,im sure you recognise this plate.We always have a good time with family.
  7. garden & BBQ 333.jpg

    garden & BBQ 333.jpg

  8. kippers

    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    A restaurant on the river Danube Beograd. The bread is some of the best I have had in Europe
  9. garden & BBQ 332.jpg

    garden & BBQ 332.jpg

  10. kippers

    Charring peppers to remove the skin.

    I thread the peppers onto my rotisserie with a tray underneath and just leave them, the drop off when they are evenly scorched.
  11. kippers

    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    roast pig shop in Krusevac
  12. Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

  13. garden & BBQ 226.jpg

    garden & BBQ 226.jpg

  14. kippers

    Christmas Pudding Mixture

    if you give the beast the usual 3 to 4 hours secondary steam it should be okay, what it tastes like is another question.
  15. kippers

    Apple Cider! Experience and advice?

    It is the dreaded vinegar fly not airborne yeast over here, hence the wonderful water filed air thingy.
  16. kippers

    White Truffle and dried Porcini

    I got my usual Croatian Chrimbo present  of 500 gm of porcini and a walnut sized fresh white truffle from my MIL in yesterdays post. How would you use them?
  17. kippers

    Apple Cider! Experience and advice?

    My Dad used to make scrumpy or screeeech and as he never used bought yeast I presume it fired up because of air borne yeast.This is a similar method.
  18. kippers

    How long does Christmas pudding last?

    Re steam for 3 to 4 hrs should do the trick, I have a vacuum packer, so I let the pud settle for a few months in its basin, remove and feed with brandy then vac pac.The booze does not evaporate so you only need to feed once and the last for yrs. Mawee if you can get suet in Bermuda you should...
  19. kippers

    Problems with blind baking a quiche crust

    Koko if you watch this vid your questions will be answered 
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