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  1. alexalexnyc

    Hollandaise sauce

    A chef in Brooklyn taught me to add a light coating of vinegar on the yolks while it is in the mixing bowl and set it aside until it warms up a bit. When I'm done setting up the line for brunch (about 35-45 minutes) the yolks are ready for the Hollandaise process. I always use this method now...
  2. alexalexnyc

    Soles on my Birkenstocks always smell like Maytag cheese

    Hi everyone. I'm on my second pair of Birki Profis which are 4 years old. My first pair finally gave in after 5 years. These things are bombproof but the soles always smell like cheese even after I clean them or bleach them. When closing the line and the floor is hit with sanitizer, I make it...
  3. alexalexnyc

    Where can I find information about New Orleans

    Thanks for the information everyone. I think Charleston is a solid candidate mainly because of its size, culinary options, history, tourism, the community's historic preservation efforts and fishing options but also there is The VA Medical Center where I can get health care services........and...
  4. alexalexnyc

    Where can I find information about New Orleans

    Charleston S.C.? I never considered it. I worked for a chef in NYC that moved there and since then wondered what was the appeal. For a small historic town, it sure does have a lot of BOH job opportunities and finding a fishing spot would be easy. I think Florida's stand-your-ground laws would...
  5. alexalexnyc

    Where can I find information about New Orleans

    Hi everyone,                   I have some questions about New Orleans and I hope someone can direct me. I live in OKC and because of the low unemployment rate, I over-estimated the culinary opportunities here. The casual dining scene is fairly quiet and there aren't too many high-end bistros...
  6. alexalexnyc

    The Texas culinary scene: Your experience.

    Hi everyone,                   I'm looking at a few cities to relocate and Houston is one of them. I briefly worked as a dishwasher in Austin. I was biding my time until a prep or line position opened up until I realized that the restaurant managers engaged in predatory hiring practices: They...
  7. alexalexnyc

    Inquiry about the Boston culinary scene.

    Hi everyone. Few questions about Boston- 1. Is Boston or Massachusetts in general considered a sanctuary city/state; meaning will I have to         compete with illegal immigrants for employment? 2. Are most restaurants seasonal or is it fairly steady year-round? 3. If I want to re-enter the...
  8. alexalexnyc

    Plate presentation (sauce designs)

    Are there any videos on how to make designs with sauces especially dark sauces like a balsamic reduction? Thanks. 
  9. alexalexnyc

    Knife sets on ebay

    What are the basic tools to have in my bag?
  10. alexalexnyc

    Your interview questions and picking your team.

    This forum is reserved for current and past professional chefs only. Only professionals in the food industry may post here though all are free to read. Note that even though this is a pro forum, kitchen language is highly discouraged and will result in an infraction or your total removal from...
  11. alexalexnyc

    Your interview questions and picking your team.

    No. I can't see the chef's point of view especially when he wasn't being flexible and realistic with his staff. Yes, the chef has HIS priorities but also wants his staff to share the same priorities. Perspective? Yes, the chef's perspective only hence the stupid question. Only an idiot would...
  12. alexalexnyc

    How to deal with piss poor attitudes and child like tantrums?

    I think "Angry Chef" is a thing of the past. It's difficult to be around people that can't control their emotions-let alone work with/for them. These are people that not only hate their job but are aware they hit their plateau. It never gets better. Here's what usually happens in an...
  13. alexalexnyc

    Your interview questions and picking your team.

    Chef, I'd like to share a few of my experiences: Chefs had asked me "Where do you see yourself in five years?" and I would answer "In school working on my undergrad." One chef said "So this is just a job" and more recently a chef asked "Do you plan on working HERE while going to school?" Once, I...
  14. alexalexnyc

    Your interview questions and picking your team.

    Allied health: Surg.Tech. specifically.
  15. alexalexnyc

    Your interview questions and picking your team.

    If during an interview a chef asks me "Is this just a job or a career?" Should I be honest and say it's a job I've been doing for a long time and I'm passionate about doing a good job no matter where I'am and exercising a good work ethic or should I lie and say that it's a career? I've seen...
  16. alexalexnyc

    Knife sets on ebay

    Hi everyone. Would you ever buy a knife set off of ebay? There are some good deals on Wusthof sets however I'm worried about counterfeit products from China.
  17. alexalexnyc

    Any suggestions on how to gain NYC experience?

    Wow, what a great site.............thank you!
  18. alexalexnyc

    Lead cook "role"?

    Hi Chef. Just curious: If you are working right now why do you stage at other restaurants? I plan on doing the same when I move to NYC. What are the benefits in doing this? What are the steps in finding restaurants that are willing to let you stage and how do you tell your Exec.Chef about it...
  19. alexalexnyc

    Any suggestions on how to gain NYC experience?

    Thank you chef! I think I'll exercise quite a bit of caution this time around and do my research.
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