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  1. wvman2374

    Resting steaks in beurre monte

    I'm in the process of opening a new restaurant with my partners, and I'll be running the BoH.  Almost done with the build out, so I'll be getting into the kitchen in a couple weeks to get started.  We'll be doing local meats....beef, pig, chicken, and lamb.  No fish, as we aren't close to the...
  2. wvman2374

    Wood chips on a gas grill

    I'm thinking about trying to use a smoker box with wood chips on a gas grill for lunch and dinner restaurant use.  Does anybody have any experience doing this?  Or better yet, does anyone know of any grills that have built in and accessible smoke boxes?  I'd like to get some smokiness going on...
  3. wvman2374

    Setting up a new kitchen

    My partners and I are in the process of opening a new restaurant.  Theres three of us total, myself and another chef will run the back and the other guy will run the front.  We've been looking at locations and think we've found one, although I'm not entirely thrilled with it.  The other two like...
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