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  1. chrisbelgium

    Summer 2015; your food & drinks

    Want to join this summer thread? Please post your food, dessert, drinks, fruitsalads, icecreams etc. There's no competition at all, just for fun and eternal fame. No rules either except for one thing though, well, two things; 1. PICTURES OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN Everyone has a camera or cell...
  2. chrisbelgium

    My sea food curry

    Sea food curry Everything I know about Indian cuisine comes from a book called " 50 Great Curries Of India​  " written by Camellia Panjabi. I have a dutch translation of this small book that I frequently take with me on travels. I hardly made anything from this book but it inspired me many...
  3. chrisbelgium

    My coq au vin

    My coq au vin (Click on the pictures below to enlarge) 1. Start by marinating the chicken The evening before; start by dividing the chicken in smaller parts in the sizes you like. Remove the skin as much as possible; no matter how you hard you sear the chicken, after the chicken is cooked in...
  4. chrisbelgium

    San Pellegrino Young chef 2015 competition - American chef wins regionals for the Benelux

    An american originating from California, chef Alex Joseph, 29, wins the regional part of the San Pellegrino Young chef 2015 for the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg). In 2009, he came to the "Rouge Tomate" restaurant in Belgium for a 3 month stage and ended up as the head chef in the...
  5. chrisbelgium

    Different names for cuts of meat around the world

    We seem to have different names for cuts of meat in Europe. In fact you're right, it's pork loin, but our (dutch) name for it is varkens filet, litteraly pork fillet. This website shows a piece of it called varkensfilet but a bit lower they mention that the foreign name (Buitenlandse benaming)...
  6. chrisbelgium

    Yaxell Ran, Hattori HD and Saiun (Kanetsugu)

    I turned 65 end December, so I can easily get away with a completely redundant new knife without anyone yelling "...what, not another knife!!...". So, I bought this Yaxell Ran 255 mm knife and it came yesterday after a long vacation at our customs office, which costs me another 33 € extra...
  7. chrisbelgium

    How do you like the new men's style?

    Have you noticed, they are suddenly everywhere, the bearded men, perfectly groomed. Have you noticed too how classy they are dressed? Expensive watches and ditto shoes... what's happening? What's your opinion on the new men's style? I kind of like it!
  8. chrisbelgium

    Malaga's covered market

    I'm back from my trip to Andalucia, Spain, the Malaga region as usual. Each time I'm completely overwhelmed by the food presented in the central food market. Look and drool;  My souvenirs I brought back. Chorizo from bellota and Iberico ham of course. I bought all of that at El Corte Ingles...
  9. chrisbelgium

    Lemon verbena, what to do with it?

    I hope many of you have this plant in your garden. This year is the first time my plant didn't freeze to death in winter since we almost had no frost at all. Lemon verbena, also known in French as verveine, has a strong taste of lemon without the acidity nor the bitterness of lemons. It is not...
  10. chrisbelgium

    What else to use dried cranberries in?

    Yesterday I  made a discovery by using "dried cranberries" in a salad. I opened this package that lived silently and undisturbed in my home for over a year now, thinking it had to go, but I tasted first... wooooow! Little did I know that these "dried" cranberries have the texture of raisins but...
  11. chrisbelgium

    Cherry pie & blueberry clafoutis

    Cherry pie & blueberry clafoutis Pastry; making you own pastry by hand is such fun and it takes almost no time to make. This is pâte sablée parfumée made from 180 g flour, 110 g butter, 75 g fine sugar, 40 g almond powder, 1 egg and 1 pinch of salt. Add all ingredients to a bowl and cut and mix...
  12. chrisbelgium

    Rural paella with rabbit and quail

    Rural paella with rabbit and quail Paella is cooked everywhere in Spain, also inland. This is an example of one of those paellas. It is my adaptation of a recipe by Miguel Maestres. Don't worry about not having a paella pan or "paellera", I don't have one either. Use a large good inox pan. The...
  13. chrisbelgium

    FIFA worldcup; USA-Belgium (Red Devils) tonight!!!

    All-right USA, start being really scared of our most fierced Red Devil fans! Here's our cutest most dangerous one, Axelle
  14. chrisbelgium

    Carré confiture

    Carré confiture, puff pastry filled with jam This is so nostalgic; when we were kids -say nearly half a century ago- almost every sunday afternoon we had coffee with at least a few of these amongst other pastries. They were never homemade, since we had a few bakeries within walking distance...
  15. chrisbelgium

    My salade Niçoise

    My Salade Niçoise I titled this thread "My" salade Niçoise to avoid a never ending discussion what should and should not be in it. This is a classic French dish that sings summer on all levels. A divine composition, originating from the region of Nice (pronounce "niece"). Niçoise (pronounce...
  16. chrisbelgium

    My jambalaya

    Jambalaya with chicken, Spanish chorizo and shrimps The little cousin of paella, jambalaya! This is how I make my version. - Start by frying pieces of chicken (I use whole legs cut in two). Plenty s&p. Take your time until they are very nicely colored. Remove and set aside. - Fry chunks of...
  17. chrisbelgium

    Shrimp croquettes

    Shrimp croquettes made with North-Sea shrimp These croquettes are a typical dish from country and an all-time favorite. They are made with brown shrimp from the North-Sea. It really has to be made with unpeeled shrimp; the heads and shells will give a stunning taste to these croquettes. Can you...
  18. chrisbelgium

    At the weekly market

    We have a market on Tuesdays in my own village, a market on Mondays in a town at 5 km distance and another on Thursdays at yet another town at 5 km distance. Best sources for local produce and seasonal food. Not always the cheapest but the very best you can get. Yesterday, Thursday, I came home...
  19. chrisbelgium

    Roast beef, potato medley, mange touts, confit of garlic cloves, Hollandaise with bear garlic

    Roast beef, potato medley, mange touts, confit of garlic cloves, Hollandaise with bear garlic This was Easter Saturday's dinner. This time I didn't choose lamb but let me inspire with what I found while shopping. First idea was to do something with those purple Vitelotte potatoes combined...
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