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  1. savory eats

    Personal Chef Needs Commercial Kitchen

    Hello!  I am an established personal chef in Glendale, CA and I have been working out of a commercial kitchen for the past two years.  The kitchen will not be available for lease after this month and I am desperately looking for a kitchen to rent.  It must have storage and 2 work stations for...
  2. savory eats

    PREP COOK-KITCHEN HELPER Needed in Glendate California

    Prep Cook/Kitchen Helper to assist me in a commercial kitchen. I am a Personal Chef who cooks for regular weekly clients and occasionally caters. I need someone who is familiar with prepping foods. We will do up to 10 different meals each day. You must be proficient with a knife and be able to...
  3. savory eats

    Commercial Kitchen Needed

    I am a personal chef looking for a commercial kitchen to rent at least 3 days a week (Tuesday - Thursday).  I would need storage space as well.  I am located in Glendale, CA but am willing to travel 15 miles.  I have an assistant and my own supplies. Thank you! Beth
  4. savory eats

    Need a Commercial Kitchen in Glendale, CA

    I'm looking to rent a small commercial kitchen where I can prepare meals for my clients.  I'm a personal chef and I currently cook out of the client's home.  I am limited to how many clients I can handle, however if I have a kitchen to work from I would be able to prepare food for many more...
  5. savory eats

    Commercial Kitchen Needed in Glendale, Pasadena, La Canada Area

    I am a personal chef and am looking for a commercial kitchen to rent 2-3 days a week in the San Gabriel area.  My clients are in Pasadena and La Canada.  I would like to be able to store my supplies (minimal...pots, pans, utensils, pantry items) at the location.  I prefer weekdays.  I am...
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