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  1. bluesquid

    advice choosing a pull down salamander grill

    I have a garland 8 burner stove with a salamander. The salamander has 3 positions, which occasionally comes in handy. We cook our steaks and melt cheese with it basically. They are prone to breakage every few years. I can be quite rough with it in the heat of battle. It takes some time to learn...
  2. bluesquid

    I went down last night, what can i improve?

    This little trick has helped me in years past. When you go to bed reflect on service. Replay it and visualize your movements. Think of your mistakes and then visualize how you would fix them.This all helps me commit the actions to long term memory. I often dream of service. I feel like it's...
  3. bluesquid


    I cook by myself at a place that seats 120 in the summer. Mostly from scratch, cooked to order food. Our day bartender took 3 reservations of 10 for same time last night. I was pissed, but I don't fail. We let our customers get away with murder. They can order whatever they want. Gets crazy. But...
  4. bluesquid

    Trying to figure out the best path

    What kind of food do you ultimately want to cook? Find people that cook that style. Imitate, emulate,elevate. For me it's Julia Child, Charlie Trotter, Thomas Keller,sebastian bras, and others
  5. bluesquid

    Hello from NY

    Hi, been using this invaluable resource for years and thought I would join. I'm looking forward to learning via dialogue with chefs around the world.
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