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  1. dave kinogie

    Using whey as a poaching liquid...

    So I made some simple homemade ricotta the other night with whole milk, half and half, salt and white wine vinegar and I'm left with about a quart and change of whey. So it hit me, why not poach this salmon in a 50/50 of whey and Syrah wine with a little butter and garlic? I crisped the skin...
  2. dave kinogie

    Best food mill?

    Is there such a thing as an actual truly good food mill? Every review I read on Amazon leaves me despising each one before I've laid hands on it, either cause of inexcusable flaws or what seems like crock of ***t plant shilling in the good reviews. Please point me in the right direction!
  3. dave kinogie

    Let's Talk Coffee... Let's Talk K-Cups and Pods

    So I've invested in a single cup brewer as a gift for the house and I'm new to this K-Cup and pod stuff. I mean I've used them a bunch of times in offices and in waiting rooms at car dealerships, etc., etc., but aside from maybe 5 to 7 random blends I don't know much about brands, where to get...
  4. dave kinogie

    Going to Jump Into the World of Sharpening with a Combo Stone

    So much out there it's really overwhelming and I know there are so many threads and videos and articles and forums dedicated to this but humor me just for a minute if you don't mind haha... So I've been meaning to pick up some stones for the longest and I'm going to sometime this week, sooner...
  5. dave kinogie

    Kitchen Knight SD2810 Digital Thermometer

    Anybody use and/or own this model? It's obviously sold on Amazon, saw it on Sears and another site as well. Gets good reviews, but it's only on 3 reviews total, although all are verified purchases and so unlikely to just be company plants. Is this just a rebrand of another...
  6. dave kinogie

    Dexter Russell New Haven Oyster Knife vs. LamsonSharp Oyster Knife

    Can anyone add to or create a little debate here? I was looking at these two knives specifically just for personal home shucking of oysters. In general oysters, I don't strictly stick to one type, truthfully more so just grab what's fresh from local places. Open to suggestions if you prefer a...
  7. dave kinogie

    Anyone have any experience with the Cuisinart DLC-6BW 8 cup Food Processor?

    They have it at Macy's but pretty much nowhere else. It's not even a listed model on the Cuisinart website and Amazon doesn't have it. Neither does Best Buy doesn't stock it, nor Walmart or Target or Sears. Can't find anything on it on Google for reviews, or Youtube. The only reviews on it...
  8. dave kinogie

    What's crackin'?

    New to the forums. Former cold side, deli guy, line cook, prep cook, catering, delivery, etc. Just found the forums and can't wait to jump in. Peace.
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