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  1. kiwichik


    Where are you? Haven't seen Abefroman on here for ages. Anyone know what he is up to?
  2. kiwichik


    So my tagine has arrived. I am aware that there are serving tagines and cooking tagines. How do you know the difference. This is decorative, it is solid ceramic and glazed (inside). Firstly I feel that I would not have to season this as it is sealed. Secondly, do I put this thing on a naked...
  3. kiwichik


    I have just purchased a Tagine which I am rather excited about. Has anybody out there cooked with one of these? I would love some recipe ideas that anyone has tried. Will check net also some tasty Morroccan numbers and anything else that pops up. Thanks :crazy:
  4. kiwichik

    Introducing myself

    Hi, What a fabulous website. My brother has introduced this to me and it is a good diversion from housework. Me, I love to cook and have had a passion for food for many years particularly Indian, Morrocan, Middle Eastern Food. I have also enjoyed following Jamie Olivers journeys and have...
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