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  1. gourmetm

    The inevitable question for this time of year

    Are you planning to barbecue this Labor Day weekend? What will you be having?
  2. gourmetm

    New Cooking Shows?

    Does anyone know if there are any new cooking shows lined up for TV this Fall?
  3. gourmetm

    Chew on this link

    The following link takes you to a new look at the history of cooking. Who knew how far back it went? And there's a fascinating bit about teeth:
  4. gourmetm

    Full moon

    Many recent threads have made mention of the full moon. For all and sundry, tonight's the night when it's truly full. Not sure if this announces further strife or relief in sight, but I'll opt for the latter.
  5. gourmetm

    Hells Kitchen TV Show

    Does anyone watch this show?
  6. gourmetm

    Calling All Chefs

    Any of you interested in celebrity? Here's some information about an upcoming casting call:
  7. gourmetm

    Tofu Snafu

    Made a tofu omelet thinking the tofu would adopt the spices I added. Wrong! The egg did, but the tofu refused. Any tofu pro's out there who understand the nature of the curd?
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