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  1. capecodchef

    Pignoli cookies need help !

    I've been struggling to master an authentic Italian pignoli cookie. I'm striving for that cloud-like almond holiday cookie of my youth. I've tried playing with Lidia's recipe to no avail as they are too dense and chewy. Pretty simple, so I'm confuse as to what I'm doing wrong...
  2. capecodchef

    Sous Vide egg pasteurization

    I've pasteurized hen eggs many times for safer use in raw preparations. 135 degrees for 1.25 hours in the shell followed by an ice bath, and the yolk is completely raw and whites are cloudy and thicker, but still runny. I'm now trying to do the same with duck eggs and the yolks are thickened and...
  3. capecodchef

    Need new shoes

    Yes. Another shoe thread. I can't seem to locate a few old threads I know are out there, so here's a new one. My old stand-by Mozo Forzas have gone cheapo-China for $110 and the soles are sure to come off in week 10. Like most reading , my feet suck, are prone to corns, and I live on them almost...
  4. capecodchef

    Product freshness

    I'm having a bit of an issue with my broad line distributor over what is acceptable "freshness" of the perishables I receive. They claim industry standard is a "use or freeze by" date of 5 days from receipt, including the shipping day, is acceptable industry wide. I say b.s. What say you?
  5. capecodchef

    wild boar bacon...what to do?

    As the title implies, I have the good fortune of being in posession of about 7 pounds of wild boar bacon. I'm looking for ideas as to how to feature it. We're a slightly upscale breakfast and lunch only cafe featuring mostly short oder fare, so we can't go too hog wild (so sorry, but that was...
  6. capecodchef

    seafood sausage help

    There was a local chef who once owned a fish market and clam shack who's claim to fame was once selling over 10,000 pounds of his seafood sausage on QVC. I'd like to add a version to my summer menu, nicking some of his version and others found on the web. I'm thinking small diced shrimp, local...
  7. capecodchef

    Wholesale or Retail Turtle Meat in New England?

    Sorry for long shot thread, BUT... I have a hankering to offer an old school, Creole snapper soup, but can only find boneless turtle meat mail order out of Louisiana mostly. It's definitely an old school item and a Southern thing, but my lifelong best ever taste of soup was the Snapper Soup at...
  8. capecodchef

    Best Oven Cleaner?

    Not a glamorous discussion, obviously, but our ovens have suffered some serious neglect this year and are in need of a heavy duty cleaning. Anyone have a link for one that really works without those massive noxious fumes and hours of scraping? We're talking heavy duty baked on grease here. Any...
  9. capecodchef

    Italian Marinated Seafood/shellfish recipes?

    Our challenge in the summer is we're so busy that we need dishes that are easy to serve. We have access to wonderful fresh shellfish so I'm thinking of a seafood salad similar to ones we had Christmas Eves of my youth. As I recall, they consisted of scallops, shrimp, calamari and mussels. Not...
  10. capecodchef

    Omelet production: Cheap pans o' plenty or sparing high quality cookwear?

    My cooks are brutal on pans. We're a small cafe who specializes in pan omelets and fried eggs.  We do between 80 to 250 per day. The cheapo, 10 dollar 8" nonsticks last maybe 3-4 weeks. The 35 dollar versions maybe 2-3 months. The cooks do a great omelet but kill both types of pans. Should I...
  11. capecodchef

    Who has a conveyor toaster they REALLY like?

    It's time to retire "old Betsy", the temperamental old toaster who really is a bottleneck in our breakfast-centric kitchen. Depending on the bread/English/bagel/roll it can take 1 to 4 passes though.  Any personal recs that won't break the bank? (A dual conveyor would be the ideal unit with our...
  12. capecodchef

    Breakfast Ideas for Maitaki mushrooms?

    While golfing, I stumbled onto a 12 pound hen of the woods mushroom attached to an old oak stump when I hit my 3 iron into the woods. I have 2 pressing questions....what to do with this huge delicacy? I'm a casual breakfast and lunch cafe and so an omelet immediately came to mind, maybe with...
  13. capecodchef

    MenuPro menu printing software or the like???

    I need to upgrade the look of my daily printed specials and want to upgrade from my crummy Word document format. Don't really need to spend $400 for software like MenuPro, but would if I could find some endorsement for it. Anyone here with any experience with this, or any other design software...
  14. capecodchef

    Nut to best deal with them?

    The issue seems to be coming up more frequently, and I've taken a hard line stance that is pissing many people off, so I thought I'd open the discussion here. My problem is this, we're a small breakfast lunch cafe with a tiny kitchen. We have an extensive use of nuts in many things we prep...
  15. capecodchef

    Summer Veggie B'fast Hash recipe anyone?

    Our little breakfast/lunch cafe does a big business in traditional corned beef hash. This fall, we added a special of root veggie hash that rivaled the sales of the corned beef, at a far lower food cost. It's not a season appropriate dish, however, as it was a variety of root vegetables; sweet...
  16. capecodchef

    Anyone have a countertop fryer in their kitchen?

    Our tiny kitchen has no deep fryer, and that's fine by me. No mess. No smell. No Oil expense. Besides, there's no room even if I wanted one. There are times I do like to fry a special or two, and the Dutch oven is just a pain, and potential hazard. I'm considering getting a small countertop...
  17. capecodchef

    Need a new breakfast pototo

    We own a small breakfast/lunch restaurant open 7 AM to 2 PM. Our current breakfast potato is your typical red bliss, skin on, par boiled, then baked, then left on a 340 degree flat top grill for up to 2-3 hours per batch. Seasoning is paprika, garlic and onion powder, salt and black pepper. The...
  18. capecodchef

    Tater Tots Anyone?

    Anyone doing anything special with this guilty pleasure junk food? (I pondered this as I watched someone pushing an entire cart stacked with at least two dozen cases of them out of my local Restaurant Depot the other day.)
  19. capecodchef

    How to deal with customers who bring in outside beverages?

    This is probably more an "owner/operator" question than a chef question, but we have a gnawing problem that we can't find a good solution. We're a small breakfast and lunch operation and at least once per week, we piss someone off when we have to tell them they cannot bring their...
  20. capecodchef

    Sysco and US Foods Merger....Write your congressman!!!

    Unless you think it's a good idea for the FTC to allow the merger of the world's largest food distributor with the second largest, we all need to write our elected representatives. I've used both companies as suppliers and in my mind, the quality of service, and for my particular case, the...
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