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  1. littledreamer

    Good chilli recipes?

    Hi guys! Was wondering if some of you have some good chilli recipes you wouldn't mind sharing? Want to try something unique and different. Like chilli and chocolate or something... Thanks :)
  2. littledreamer

    Raw vegan chocolate recipe utterly impressed me...

    I recently tried a raw vegan recipe of homemade chocolate pudding and I must say I was very impressed. Plus its healthy! What more could a girl want? Avocado blended with cocoa power and agave nectar.... voila! Homemade chocolate pudding! Anyone else ever tried this?
  3. littledreamer

    Food addict!

    Hi all! Just realized the title sounds a bit suggestive, but never mind... Anyways, I have always loved cooking and love using fresh ingredients. No tins or bottle sauces for me! I particularly love pasta, mostly because it tastes good with most ingredients and is a quick and easy way to get...
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