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    Recipe Development for a Hospital or Healthcare industry

    Well in the cafe that I work at is a Corporate Healthcare facility. But here are some guidelines what we follow for the Healthy Picks category: No added sugars Different types of oils can count different count of calories - they emphasize more on olive oil but sometimes we use a canola and...
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    Recipe Development for a Hospital or Healthcare industry

    Has anyone of you developed recipes based on certain criteria for healthy eating? Currently, I am working at an account that caters corporate cafe that serve 60% healthy and 40% just regular food. Our catering always serve fresh, real food and made from scratch cooking, baking, sauces...
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    Shelf life of ingredients in sauces and dressings

    Oh I forgot, after I make a big batch - i always refrigerate this until it is low and has been used up by other line stations.
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    Shelf life of ingredients in sauces and dressings

    I was wondering what are the max shelf life of ingredients used in sauces and dressings? Here are few examples of dressings that I make: Balsamic vinaigrette - balsamic vinegar, canola/ olive oil blend -90/10, dijon mustard, brown sugar and salt and pepper Creamy buttermilk ranch - buttermilk...
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    Iconic cookies from each state of the United States of America

    Hi everyone, I need some help about Iconic cookies coming from each state of the United States: I only know a few: New Mexico - Biscochito Ohio - Buckeyes Vermont - Ginger Molasses Cookies Kansas - Snickerdoodles New York City - Black and White cookie Louisiana - Maple Pecan Praline Here are...
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    Learning techniques and ingredients

    Repurpose what you have in your pantry and refrigerator, then make something out of it. There are several cookbooks and food references that I can suggest: If you want to gain knowledge on the techniques, ingredients on cooking and baking. These are books that I learned while I was a garde...
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    Best Food Compliment You Ever Recieved?

    I know this thread was done on 2010. I wanted to share several compliments about making the best salads I made for corporate catering - So I served Curried Sweet Chicken Salad with is herbed grilled chicken with a mayo based sauce made with housemade Madras curry spice blend, white wine, red...
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    Helpful Road path to being a Pastry Cook

    So I am enjoying my time working as a prep cook in the Salad bar department. It has been a long that I have dreamt of being a pastry chef. Although I had related experience at another bakery and restaurant as a bakery assistant but wanted to produce more baked goods, plating for hotels and or...
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    Popular Seafood, Fish & Shellfish at Salad Bar Buffet

    What are popular seafood, fish & shellfish sold at salad bar buffets in hotels, high-end restaurants? I may serve seafood salads, poke in the coming few weeks ahead.
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    Professional recipe vs home?

    I use the metric system at home when cooking and baking which is easier to convert recipes when I am dividing or multiplying the number of servings. At the professional kitchen, as long as you know how to cook - then professional kitchens really serve from 20 to 1000 people. But chefs do...
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    Savory paste to use for cooking, making a sauce or dressing, etcetera

    Yummy! That's great. I know some places don't sell a specific paste. So it is best to make it housemade and it taste better.
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    Is it worth it? Not Culinary school but the lifestyle you are going to school for.

    For every cook starting from the bottom, can be one of the hardest especially if you were gaining more experience from fine dining restaurants especially restaurants, hotels, catering companies that are busy, receive Michelin Stars, have a lot of customers every day. You will learn a lot from...
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    Savory paste to use for cooking, making a sauce or dressing, etcetera

    What housemade savory or sweet paste do you use to cook when making a composed dish every time or occasionally? I discovered at my workplace that 2 cooks use a ginger and garlic paste to use for their Indian cooking. They use every day when they cook their Indian dishes. Then for my salad bar, I...
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    Favorite Spicy (hot) Dishes

    For spicy dishes, Sometimes I go for Mexican or Korean. But here is a funny story when I like something hot. So 4 years ago, I got very sick with a fever and a cold. I had it for 2 days in a row on a weekend. And called out, so when I was really hungry, and went to a Mexican restaurant. I...
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    Spicy! What’s your favorite Hot Sauce? How do you do spicy?

    Spicy can mean different things like hot sauce, chiles, or maybe using a lot of spices. If you were asking me about my favorite hot sauces: these are my favorites Gochujang Sriracha -rooster sauce Homemade Hunan Style Spicy Chili Oil with Fermented Black Bean and Garlic sauce Piri Piri -...
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    If you were mistreated by an employee of a restaurant what would you do?

    ok. guys I get your point. Maybe I was getting too emotional about how I was being mistreated in a buffet restaurant. But I did pay for my food. Thanks guys for the responses, this is probably perhaps I have to pay more attention to this issue. Next time, I will watch myself using race, very...
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    If you were mistreated by an employee of a restaurant what would you do?

    Recently, I went to a buffet restaurant and paid for my meal. I had a salad, soup, grain, few muffins and some focaccia. Then since I was still eating my meal and enjoying my time there. I was gaining some inspiration after several composed salads that I ate. Then I wanted to bring 2 muffins...
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