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  11. roux58

    tattoos in the kitchen

    Hmmm maybe because its on you for the rest of your life? When I am out of my whites people ask me about my tattoos and I am proud to tell them the meanings behind them and what I do for a living. I respect people who put the time and effort into creating a design that means something to them...
  12. roux58

    tattoos in the kitchen

    Comparing cooks with tattoos to a infamous murderer is going to far. I love my tattoos and so does the chef where I work. He believes it shows how dedicated I am to my trade and if I have "issues" because I am a passionate, creative individual then I hope in a few years the industry will be...
  13. roux58


    I have 4 tattoos: 1) A chef knife down the back of my left forearm 2) A saying from my family crest down the back of my left arm 3) The Tree Of Life on my right forearm with the saying "Teaghlach" underneath 4) A half sleeve of a cornucopia starting just above my right elbow and ending on my...
  14. roux58

    Culinary name for kitten

    I've got a little kitty named Roux :lips: (the screen name came before the cat).
  15. roux58

    halloween food ideas

    We did some pumpkin foam and sambuca shooters. I'm sure you could attempt a sauce using pumpkin puree. Pumpkin beurre nantais?
  16. roux58

    good ideas wanted

    Ive tried this recipe and its quite good.
  17. roux58

    *** Chef by Gordon Ramsey

    Yes the book is called ***(three star) Chef. The three stars refer to the Michelin Guide which rates restaurants as: * A very good restaurant in its category **Excellent cooking worth a detour ***Exceptional cuisine worth a special journey
  18. roux58

    *** Chef by Gordon Ramsey

    Although it may be a tad pricey, I believe that *** Chef is a must have for any serious chef. The recipes are creative and the presentation is gorgeous. What I really enjoy about this book is that it features restaurant management advice as well as the fabulous dishes. The book has many...
  19. roux58

    Food Tattoos!

    In just about every kitchen I have worked in the chefs all seem to have some food related tattoos. Personally I have a chef knife of the back of one forearm and will be getting a whisk on the other in the near future :D. Anybody else got some ink?
  20. roux58

    Hiya Folks

    If your looking for a good chefs knife I would recommend a Global (alot of people will recommend German brands like Wusthof but I prefer Japanese). Mine is a G2 8 inch and it stays sharp and is great for any task I throw at it. The best advice I can give you is to just go to a kitchen store...
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