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  1. jessiquina

    Ideas on 'manly' decorations

    chocolate mustaches! at Michaels craft store they sell moulds for mustache pops, i think they would be awesome on a cupcake!
  2. jessiquina

    Figs... Now what to do?

    crostini. ricotta. figs. honey. =yum.
  3. jessiquina

    Italian vs French Meringue when making Macarons mass production

    panini- there are a bunch of recipes for macarons using a "french meringue"/common meringue technique. i think thats what the OP was referring to.
  4. jessiquina

    Decorating a cake with buttercream. Tips for a beginner, please!

    i never ever use crisco. i think its gross. its unnecessary. look up a recipe for Swiss buttercream, you are going to be heating up sugar and egg whites (2:1 ratio) over a double boiler. then you'd whip that in a mixer until its almost cool, and then you'd add butter and other flavorings. this...
  5. jessiquina

    What is this design/pattern called?

    we also call it a chevron at work.
  6. jessiquina

    banana coulis - concerns with color and flavor

    why not do a creme de banana creme anglaise?
  7. jessiquina

    Help with setting cake price.

    it depends on a lot of things, but we charge $90 for a half sheet. its not unreasonable.
  8. jessiquina

    Pastry Chef Salary

    hahaha, i dont even make close to half of 80k!!! ...but im just the pastry chef at a golf course...
  9. jessiquina

    Pursuing my dream...

    yay! bonbini, you rock! :) i love your work!
  10. jessiquina

    Doughnut Sugar

    all i know of is king arthur flour's non-melting sugar..  
  11. jessiquina

    Why do you do it?

    thanks you guys... i'd love to hear more stories like these! im sure we've all had these kind of days where we doubt our career decisions.
  12. jessiquina

    Why do you do it?

    im asking you all this question in hopes of finding an answer of my own, Why do you do it? Work in a hot kitchen? work long hours with no break ? kill your feet/back/body? work harder than anyone else and get paid peanuts? work when everyone else is playing? we are all here because we chose to...
  13. jessiquina

    recipe for a Simple syrup for cakes????

    im curious as to which recipe you tried and didnt like ???
  14. jessiquina

    Can sconed be made a night before?

    we make a bunch of scone dough, and portion it and keep it in the fridge for about 4-5 days. it comes out fine.
  15. jessiquina

    Quick poll

    one word: Mis en place. i get all my ingredients weighed out separately and then combine them accordingly.
  16. jessiquina

    Ganache Trouble

    like, fake chocolate? gross. that could be why you are having issues. sorry if that sounds rude, but if you arent using something that has real cocoa butter and cacao, it wont taste good.
  17. jessiquina

    steamed cake

     at work ,we have a steamer similar to this : you know, they steam rice and veggies and other savory items. i'd like to make a steamed pudding cake, similar to a sticky toffee pudding, or a steamed chocolate bourbon...
  18. jessiquina

    Ganache Trouble

    what kind of chocolate are you using?
  19. jessiquina

    Amazing Sugarwork & Sugar Vortex Question

    Thanks for sharing that link. that sugar work is outstanding! i couldnt tell you how thats done, but it sure is awesome.
  20. jessiquina

    Chocolate Mousse issues

    it sounds like its the chocolate. i havent worked with El Ray, but i always have problems with valrhona because of its high quality and my lack of patience.
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