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  1. soesje

    When you first became a professional chef...... like I just did....

    Life has surprising ways. I have been out of it for a year, and then suddenly got hired by a restaurant, first as line cook. Since they fired their chef few days before opening... there was no chef. Since the team (foh and boh) both already saw me as a chef, my boss asked me whether I wanted...
  2. soesje

    10 inch versus 12 inch knives (and body size)

    I am wondering if anyone in here knows something about knife sizes and body size comparisons. I am 5 foot 8 inch. and what about 10 inch versus 12 inch knives.  one of the two more versatile? easy to move around? and in a pro kitchen.
  3. soesje

    how to freeze bavarian cream ?

    I have my own bavarian cream recipe and usually I pour it in molds to set and then on the plate. what if I wanted to freeze them. I was thinking silicon molds and then take out and thaw. (or cut pvc pipe and line with foil) how long would that keep (in freezer and after thawing)?
  4. soesje

    got an exciting proposal tonight!

    I'd love to read some feedback. As you know I'm a line cook (I do garde manger). Taking my next degree starting this september. (in netherlands its slightly different but it means you learn how to become an independent working chef and how to run a kitchen) Because of my background I got a...
  5. soesje

    FUN : what hangs on your wall? (looking for artwork)

    I was curious what artwork you have got on your walls.  looking for something to hang on mine, food related something… not too heavy nor expensive just nice to look at. any tips there??? share yours!!! :)
  6. soesje

    how to deal with pressure?

    at my new workplace, now working there since two months, pressure is being built up. at my last workplace things were too easy, as in, had not too many responsibilities and was mainly plating the garde manger things aside from cleaning and doing dishes. now I am pressured to start thinking...
  7. soesje

    stains on my K-sab carbon knife.

    As this is a fairly new knife, two months. Yesterday during a busy service I managed to let it lie instead of clean right away. Now it has got some stains (cutting tomatoes). Scrubbing at a quieter moment didn't help , can I do anything or? 
  8. soesje

    what makes a good beurre blanc?

    so what do you guys consider makes a good beurre blanc? there are various recipes.  what are the correct ratios? I am trying to get this down but today I ruined a batch and dunno why.  reduced too much I think. I personally don't add cream so just use white wine, white vinegar, shallot...
  9. soesje

    WOW. I got hired on the same day!!!

    I had quite the day last sunday. As some of you know I recently graduated and am now a line cook. Then I got news that there is a house waiting for me (rental) in another town so suddenly I needed to move.......working like crazy to get all sorted. Its a dream of a house *squeeze me* and all...
  10. soesje

    need to change my standard bavarian cream to include chocolate, I'm stuck!

    so, my boss asked me to come up with a new dessert, which usually is no problem at all for me. but now I am kinda stuck. in my normal plain jane bavarian cream, I use for 30 people (WARNING: metric ) 2250 ml half half milk and cream  1125 ml heavy cream 657 grams sugar 450 grams eggyolk...
  11. soesje

    What drives you?

    I love to serve the guests. To walk into the restaurant and see them enjoying the food our team has prepared. I love to think up new dishes. Just a bit of myself, shared with the guests. I love garde manger work as its the first AND the last thing they get. All that aside from the usual kitchen...
  12. soesje

    need some thinking along, truffle dressing to accompany a terrine....

    dinner party tomorrow, which is nice. I made up a terrine based around truffle flavor, to make sure flavors would match. so terrine made up with blanched cabbage leaves, mushrooms, some cubed  bacon in layers (with gelatin and fond used) now I wanted to source for a truffle product which is...
  13. soesje

    french versus german knives. sabatier. someon please enlighten me?

    as a cook I work with different knives, currently with the wusthof classic ikon 8 inch (almost never used) and a 21 inch gyuto blue paper (= carbon)steel Eden Kanso Aogami. I use the latter most but despite that its very sharp and maintains edge well, not fully happy yet. I use mostly pinch...
  14. soesje

    What is wrong with this situation....when you're a keen student and not learning anything. How to ha

    I am a keen student and finishing my education next month. When I started at my current workplace for stage, I was prepared to do ANYTHING for my chef as he has a good history and lots of experience (but no education schoolwise. He's the rock'n roll type....has all the looks but he's very...
  15. soesje

    need heavy duty knife suggestion

    hi guys at my restaurant I bring my own knives, using my eden kanso aogami as my daily knife.  its blue paper carbon steel......SHARP but not up to cracking lobsters and things like that.  not that we do this daily but it brought me to the conclusion that I need an extra knife for this...
  16. soesje

    Coming up with an exams menu.....would you like to think along?

    Int two months time I have my exams as culinary student grade 2. At my school (netherlands where I live) I may come up with my own menu. I'd love to make a classical french, but not too complicated (not too simple either!) menu of three courses. We have to think out the plating layout etc...
  17. soesje

    Soesje from Netherlands

    Hi :)  great to have found this forum. I am a 46 years old female who has had a life long passion for good food, local products and ecogastronomy. Developed myself at home by learning some basics and passion only grew, with some specialities. Then rolled into a volunteer job, where I am a...
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