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  1. everydaygourmet

    Air Dried Pastrami?

    Had an idea and am planning to try air drying pastrami (think Bresola) and have searched here and on other charcuterie groups I'm a member of also searched the ole inter-web and haven't found ANY info / how-to / don't-do-this-because etc. Has anyone here tried it before? have any experience /...
  2. everydaygourmet

    Site not saving changes in my pic albums & keeps loging me off when I click on almost any link

    Been trying, to edit my album and just browse CT. The problem is I changed captions on over 40 pictures and when went to save got a you're not logged in, so I logged back in and all the changes were lost. Made the changes again, went to save and the same "F" in thing happened, nothing was saved...
  3. everydaygourmet

    "Signature Chef" Compensation Question............

    Have been asked and approached by an owner from a restaurant that wants to use some original recipes on their menu, seems to be a new trend, they are willing to marquee the originating chef (E.g. "Featuring Chef Joe's Moose Tacos" etc.) but how does on charge for that? There has been discussion...
  4. everydaygourmet

    Another Question for Owner/Operators

    Heard them called alot, we all, know them you know the folks some cal "Users" SES" "7/8ths Grazers Group", our favorite group of people that eat most or all of a meal then complain, and complain or scream in order to get a free meal.  
  5. everydaygourmet

    Molecular Gastronomy

    Hello to all and thanks to those that participate in this forum. Hope to continue to learn and advance in our collective art. Like comments and experience from those who have experience good and bad with Molecular Gastronomy. Personally I find it very humbling and in the beginning pretty...
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