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  1. plongeur

    A book about going to culinary school in France.

    Back in 2006 I quit my job and went to culinary school in France. I'm English, and had been living in France for 8 years at the time. I always wanted to be a cook, but my mother - herself a Head Chef in a school canteen in a huge comprehensive school - said it would be a waste of my good Public...
  2. plongeur

    Savory meringue recipe anyone?

    Anyone made savory meringue? I'm thinking of making a savory ile flottante with some sort of gaspacho as the sea, but am looking for a way to make non-sugared meringue. I can get Isomalt, which is a sort of sugar without the sugary taste, anyone tried that? TIAVM
  3. plongeur

    European plans?

    I live and work in France and am English by birth. There's a real lack of any decent Mexican cooking over here in Europe - you don't have any plans to expand this way at all do you?
  4. plongeur

    New job!

    Chef asked me today what I was planning to do once I get my diplome (pass my exam at culinary school) in June. “I suppose you’ll be looking for a post as a Commis somewhere?” he asked. “Yeah, I’ll be looking around I suppose,” I replied. “Well how would you like to be a Commis here?” he said...
  5. plongeur

    Halogen cooking hobs

    So after 20+ years cooking with gas, I've moved to an apartment where its use is forbidden and I've bought a four-ring halogen hob. Anyone have any advice/experience to offer? Differences to gas? Any Gotchas? Cleaning problems? Tia!
  6. plongeur

    Recipe database software

    Anyone have any recommendations? Just started at school today and want some software to keep track of what I learn. I have Microsoft Access and see there are a few templates for that, although most seem to be concerned with making pretty recipe cards for printing. TIA
  7. plongeur

    Greetings from the deep end

    I hadn't realised just how fashionable it is now to give up a career and start over as a cook; I'd have become a fashion model if I'd known. I've been a journalist for 25 years, working as a gutterpress scumbag tabloid journalist for the UK press for much of this, then becoming a columnist (on...
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