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  2. ironchefin'06

    Season v. Rubs

    Seems to me that most restaurants cook the crap out of the ribs, sauce the **** out em and think they are the best in town. Just because they're tender doesn't make them good. To me, good rubs and natural smoke are the way to go. They should still have some texture to them, not completely fall...
  3. ironchefin'06

    curious about ribs

    If grilling the ribs over direct heat, i like to braise them slightly before putting them on the grill. Use your favorite rub (allow to rest overnight) and place them in a cooking vessel that will allow them to stand on end (thicker end down) Fill vessel 3/4 of the way up with water and cover...
  4. ironchefin'06

    Demi glace Base??

    I certainly don't have it out for culinary students or grads, but in my experience i've worked with very few who had a good attitude or overall knowledge. Most of which couldn't cook themselves out of a paper bag. I wish schools would teach more about the production end of the business, not just...
  5. ironchefin'06

    Demi glace Base??

    Sorry Johnarmr, I'm usually not like that, however I didn't care for his tone when he says "okay the way to make demi glace the right way is". I guess it's also part the fact that I learned and am still learning from 18 years of Hard Knocks, not a culinary school. And i don't mean to take...
  6. ironchefin'06

    Demi glace Base??

    Okay Chefhope, in case you didn't know or maybe they didn't teach you in school, the demi-glace of today is a more refined version of that Escoffier B.S. REAL chefs today use strictly reductions, NO ROUX, NO ESPAGNOLE! This is something you will learn if you go on to work in contemporary...
  7. ironchefin'06

    My boss is crazy

    Well P, I understand the frustration and it's easy for me to say because I have had three Executive Chef positions. If someone wasn't doing what I asked and repeatedly did not follow procedures, I fired them. That simple. It can be very easy to fall in the rut of taking the position that if...
  8. ironchefin'06

    need immediate help with spaghetti sauce

    Actually, I don't use any paste in my sauce at all. To me it takes away from the natural taste of the sauce. In place of the paste i use tomato puree, crushed roma tomatoes and reduction. If you must use it, try a couple splashes of balsamic vinegar and a bit of sugar. Peace, Chef Mike
  9. ironchefin'06

    My boss is crazy

    My first question to you would be : Is there any presence other than you in the kitchen who has authority like a Head chef or Exec? If not then someone has to step up to plate. I have been in a couple of kitchens where there was very little direction given and the only authority was an owner who...
  10. ironchefin'06

    Summer/Seasonal employment?

    I have been in the business for 18 years now as a Chef and am having a hard time finding a position in Chicago that is a good fit for me. I love to travel, but over the years i regret have not done enough of it. Strongly considering seasonal employment elsewhere in the country. I found one...
  11. ironchefin'06

    Terminology Question

    "Our refrigerators have a function that will bring a piece of meat to this state" Just thought i would ask, but how many settings are there for this type of semi-thawing. I mean how does the unit determine what size piece of meat is in it? Ex (inside round or 12oz. N.Y. Strip?) Peace, Chef Mike
  12. ironchefin'06

    Farmers Market Finds - Suggested Uses

    Well Jenny, when ever i have used patty pan squash or baby carrots i tried to let their beauty speak for themselves. Grilled Sea Bass served over shitake mushroom risotto with spicy roasted beet broth in a large bowl garnished with lightly seasoned/sauteed patty pans and carrots really showcases...
  13. ironchefin'06

    hello all

    Welcome Kris! I am a few days new here myself and am enjoying it very much as i know you will too. As for waffle makers, I have never been one up early enough to cook breakfast. As a professional chef it is sometimes better to get the extra sleep. But i guess you could make some savory waffles...
  14. ironchefin'06

    creamed spinach receipe

    I have seen some pretty bad creamed spinach in my days. Some completely flavorless, some sitting in a pool of milky water. I have actually seen some chefs make Bechamel sauce and mix it with frozen spinach. That was enough to make me hurl. It is not difficult to make, but if done improperly it...
  15. ironchefin'06

    Preserving Jello

    I have made jello shots in the kitchen quite a few times when it was slow and i can assure you they didn't last 6 hours much less 6 months. Again, why in the h*** would you make such a large batch when they take 5 minutes to make? Peace, Chef Mike
  16. ironchefin'06

    Marinade Injectors

    Personally i have never used an injector in my eighteen year career as a chef. Not that i disbelieve their effectiveness, but try putting an herbed/spiced compound butter under the skin of chicken or turkey breast before roasting. It bastes the meat and keeps it moist while cooking and adds...
  17. ironchefin'06

    Am I missing something with this recipe?

    Don't be afraid to use quite a bit of wine when it comes to beef. I have reduced an entire bottle of red wine down to 6 0z so that it has a syrup like consistency and just drizzle a little on the plate. It would never turn to stew like gravy without the addition of roux or corn starch. Peace...
  18. ironchefin'06

    Demi glace Base??

    I have been making the real thing for years now to the point that i had a huge stock pot overnight on every night. Bones would come in right from the truck to the oven. There really is no comparable substitute that i know of, but look into a specialty food purveyor. They usually carry several...
  19. ironchefin'06

    What are your favorite simple sandwich recipes?

    I know this one sounds wierd, but my Grandfather used to make them for me when i was a kid. Very simple and quick White bread (untoasted and spread with softened butter) Liver sausage or Braunsweiger Sweet pickle relish Liberal amount of freshly ground black pepper Keys to a good deli sandwich...
  20. ironchefin'06

    Quick Question to you chefs

    I have had the pleasure and disgust of working with some "green" kids in my day. The one thing I try to let them know right off the bat is there will be no weekends off. If they don't like that idea now, then chances are they won't like it down the strech. Also, common sense comes greatly into...
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