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  1. colleens

    Throwback Thursday Retro Cuisine

    I thought it would be fun to start a thread for Throwback Thursdays.   Make  a Retro Dish and post your pic in this thread.   Whether it's something from your childhood, or a favorite old time dish you'd order in a restaurant, share with us your retro dish! Here are some ideas to get you...
  2. colleens

    What is your most memorable dining experience?

    If you had to choose a single dining experience, what was it that made it special and which dishes stood out in your mind? What did you enjoy about the restaurant?
  3. colleens

    Baking with Muscovado sugar vs. Brown sugar

    I have been wondering if I can simply replace dark brown sugar in any baking recipe with muscovado sugar.  Since dark brown sugar is really white, granulated sugar which has the natural molasses stripped out and then put back on, why not go with the natural stuff which doesn't have molasses...
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