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  1. cschley

    Number of Call-outs

    I have an employee that every couple of weeks, will call out for his morning shift. He's a good worker otherwise, but when would you say enough is enough?
  2. cschley

    Meaning of life
  3. cschley

    Fun new game in the restaurant (for me)

    If I win, I get a properly staffed restaurant with no overtime.
  4. cschley

    Fun new game in the restaurant (for me)

    I've discovered a fun new game. It's called "My (position) just quit, so cover her shifts for the rest of the week." Hooray management.
  5. cschley

    Gelatin mousse broken

    2 words - duct tape. It can fix anything.
  6. cschley

    Experiment Results: Balsamic Mayonaise

    I was curious about this, so I modified Alton Brown's mayo recipe by using Balsamic Vinegar instead of white vinegar and lemon juice. It is - interesting. The flavor is good, but I think the amount of oil covers the flavor of the balsamic. The color, however, looks like reduced demi-glace...
  7. cschley

    question on a dressing

    To answer the question, you should get 2 weeks to a month, due to the acidity from the vinegar and mustard. I suggest making a batch without the egg. The shelf life would be basically infinite. The mustard should emulsify the dressing enough, and the worst thing that would happen is that you'd...
  8. cschley

    Automatic pepper & salt grinder really don't help?

    Have you seen Alton Brown's modified drill grinder? It's not one handed though.
  9. cschley

    Subbing bacon fat for butter-- weight vs volume

    When I switch out shortening for butter, I go by weight - but since butter has some water in it, you may need to account for that. Probably don't have to worry about that with brioche. Unrelated to the answer, Duck fat brioche sounds awesome, going to have to try it.
  10. cschley

    Killer buttermilk pancakes

    The blockbuster sequel to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, I bring you you "Attack of the Killer Pancakes" Don't listen, or they'll batter you up.
  11. cschley

    Why service is slow

    Applebees has this. It also has games, and you can pay from it as well.
  12. cschley

    ACF National Convention. Anyone going?

    <Hangs head in shame>  I eat at Applebee's a lot. To be honest, I have a hard time justifying more than about $25 a person. Lot's of BBQ. My favorite is Famous Dave's. I haven't been, but I've heard good things about the Crossroads art district -
  13. cschley

    ACF National Convention. Anyone going?

    I can't justify to myself asking for more time off - already had a week vacation, plus going to the NRA show. Which is annoying, since I live in KC.
  14. cschley

    First job in the culinary field, any advice?

    This clip is my favorite advice clip (so far). Every time I watch it, I think - yeah, that happened last week.
  15. cschley

    QSR Management

    How much is it worth to get some flavor of "Manager" behind your name? I have an interview at 5 Guys for an assistant Manager position. If offered the position, will it hurt my ability to later move into fine dining? I am currently a line cook at a mid-range american restaurant. My ultimate...
  16. cschley

    What is so wrong...

    I don't have an issue calling the person in charge of a kitchen like Applebee's a chef. Their the ones doing the scheduling, ordering, training, often running expo, the person responsible for food and labor costs, and all the non cooking things that a Executive Chef is responsible for. This...
  17. cschley

    Chocolate Problem.

    Only thing that i can see is it seized, or got wet and clumped together.
  18. cschley

    Looking for a ice cream machine

    I've had good results from the attachment for the Kitchenaid stand mixer. If you have one, of course.
  19. cschley

    The work day

    One possibility is hospital/managed care facilities.
  20. cschley

    NRA show 2014

    Anyone going to the NRA show in a couple weeks?
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