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  1. nathan kreider

    Making ice cream.

    Hey guys. I recently purchased an ice cream machine. I made a batch of vanilla bean, and it was so nice. But after being in the freezer for overnight, it turned incredibly icy, while still good. I did it all to instruction, I froze the bowl til solid, and I simmered the custard until it coated...
  2. nathan kreider

    Tinned Fruit Syrup

    Hey guys. So I love tinned fruit. It's not the best, but the thing I love most is the syrup that it sits in. Does anyone know how to make this? Or something similar? 
  3. nathan kreider

    Favourite steak.

    What's your favourite steak? Be honest. Doesn't have to be strictly beef, whichever animal you want. If beef, what kind. Black Angus, Kobe/Wagyu., etc. I have a bit of a love for Black Angus Porterhouse/Fillet, but I can never afford it, and when I can, I can never find a butcher who actually...
  4. nathan kreider

    Storing large batches of stock.

    Hey guys, my girlfriend, my son and I are currently looking to get our own house. And I want to be able to make up large batches of stock, because I love cooking casseroles and the like. What is the best ways of storing stock for large periods of time? Would it be best to just freeze it in an...
  5. nathan kreider

    improving desserts

    hey guys, I was watching a video on Molecular Gastronomy and found a mango verrine recipe which is literally just mango, sugar and agar agar. What would you guys suggest I do to improve the recipe without putting it overboard?
  6. nathan kreider

    Beef Stroganoff

    Hey guys, I'm making a slow cooked (135 minutes) Beef Stroganoff for dinner tomorrow night, and I want to serve a side salad with it. One salad I am liking the sound of is Caramelized Fennel and Onion, but, will it go well together? If not, are there any small but amazing side salads you would...
  7. nathan kreider


    Hey guys, My old work had a Swordfish special, and I loved the meat, but I don't know what to garnish it with. What do you guys eat it with?
  8. nathan kreider

    Beef Stock

    Hey guys, I received my copy of The Complete Bocuse, and the first recipe is an Ox-Tail Consomme, which I am intrigued on making as I've never had ox-tail before. The recipe calls for 3.5 Litres of beef stock, but it doesn't actually specify a stock to make for it. I understand using bones and...
  9. nathan kreider


    Hey guys, I was considering getting a Mandolin for home use, and I'm kind of torn because I can't choose a brand. What brand would you suggest I go for? I've considered De Buyer, but $225 seems a bit expensive for a mandolin.
  10. nathan kreider

    French cooking

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my apprentice at a mediterranean fine dining restaurant, but when I've finished my apprentice I want to get into French fine dining, and I want to start learning techniques and basics straight away. I already own Larousse Gastronomique, and it is a massive insight...
  11. nathan kreider

    Fujiwara FKM series.

    Hey guys, so I recently purchased a 240mm Gyuto and a 150mm Petty by Fujiwara, and I love the knives to bits! But my only question is, what whetstones would be suitable for these knives? And only first inspection of the knives, they seem to only have a single bevel edge, are my eyes deceiving me?
  12. nathan kreider

    German vs Japanese

    What's your personal favourite, and why?
  13. nathan kreider

    What are you cooking?

    Hey guys, I'm off work for another day (having 3 days off due to surgery, but may need a few more to recover completely), so I decided to cook a twice-cooked pork belly (boiled in stock, and then a quick deep-fry before serving, for tomorrow night. then it is going to be served with pad thai...
  14. nathan kreider


    Hey guys. I've been doing research into both Mac and Nenox/Nehoni knives, and I am looking to buy a Chef's from either one of them. What would you guys recommend for a commercial kitchen, 10am til like midnight use?
  15. nathan kreider

    Perfect fudge

    Hey guys, I'm looking for perfect vanilla fudge to go along side a vanilla panna cotta w/ a berry coulis, but the only recipes I can find online, are said to be chewy, do you guys have any recipes for a soft, almost melt in your mouth fudge/caramel that would pair with panna cotta?
  16. nathan kreider

    What can I do to improve on this.

    Hey guys, so I made a vanilla panna cotta with a mango coulis (Can't really call it a coulis because all I did was blitz up 3 mangoes), and a biscuit crumble on top. How could I improve on presentation? More panna cotta? More mango? More biscuit? The recipe I used was by Gary Mehigan. I will...
  17. nathan kreider

    Would you consider being an apprentice hard?

    So, would you? I'm asking everyone, home cooks, head chef, and people who are currently studying. Personally, I find it a hard job, but having the passion makes it easier. Has anyone ever told you you're useless as an apprentice? Not by a chef, but by someone who dj's for a living.
  18. nathan kreider

    C Restaurant, Western Australia.

    I recently dined here with my girlfriend and my 18 month old son for a 3 course lunch which (before drinks) came to $48 a head. We both ordered satay chicken sticks for entrees, for main I ordered a pumpkin risotto and she ordered a chicken dish (I forget it's full name), and we both ordered the...
  19. nathan kreider

    New kitchen, needing a new dessert.

    Hey guys, I've recently started working in a new fine dining restaurant as a first year apprentice, and the head chef needs another dessert course, of course I want to put forward a plate for him to think about, even if I don't make it, I would still like to try. and I was thinking of doing a...
  20. nathan kreider


    Hey guys, I have recently been really interested in purchasing a Thermomix for home use, but is it worth it? They can do so many things, but the price tags I have seen on them make them seem a bit far-fetched for an apprentice to own for himself. Are there any other cheaper alternatives you guys...
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