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  1. grahapes

    Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

    Yesterday was a rough day for me... All my tools... all of them, are gone, stolen from my car. So I need some help with some suggestions. On the way is a Moritaka KS 250 and was wondering if someone could give me some Saya suggestions. What will fit?. Doesn't need to be extremely fancy...
  2. grahapes

    Fig brulee, peach and burrata plate up and garnish suggestions

    I was messing around at work. Slow night... Besides the plate itself... need plate up and garnish suggestions. I was thinking maybe arugula. We get some nice local micro fennal and micro basil but idk.Fig brulee, peach, burrata cheese, balsimic reduction,honey. Some micro mint lavender wold be...
  3. grahapes

    Coreless Damascus

              Hello my name is Graham and i am new to this forum, but not new to knives, sharpening, cooking, steel types etc and look forward to share any knowledge i have in the future, but for now... Anyone have any experience with coreless Damascus. the process of layer, folded and forge welded...
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