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  1. chef brah

    Too much focus on plating, too little on taste among young chefs?

    Recently we had a class in culinary school where we had to cook chicken in any of our style with limited list of ingredients...and many cooked their own plate of chicken and side dishes to go with it.. now many cooked french style to impress the classic french chef, while others made tons of...
  2. chef brah

    What separates a good chef from a great chef?

    As tickets get fired and adrenaline kicks in, I can feel a certain level of addiction in this job...but i am very new and i have a lot to learn..i am getting faster and more efficient but i want to ask this.. at what point will exec chef start to see a good chef from a great chef who is worth...
  3. chef brah

    Does home cooking experience count in addition to internships?

    If one is a graduate from culinary school with less than 6 months of total work experience but has years of home cooking experience and photos of creation and lists down their skills..will they matter at all? most of the cooking experience i have is by hosting dinners for friends and home...
  4. chef brah

    Weird question...but how come women respond positively to word 'I am a Chef' ?

    for a long time i didnt tell lot of my friends that i have quit my corporate job and been working in kitchen because i thought its embarassing as i didnt earn much and even though on tv its glamour..reality is that chef smoking backside of restaurant is probably earning less than $15/hour so...
  5. chef brah

    Hows the food scene in Canada? Vancouver?

    Considering looking into working in Vancouver, have some family friends there who said Indian restaurants are growing and there's demand for chefs (i specialise in high end indian cuisine) wondering if any canadian chefs here might know more about lucrativeness and trends in the market? i have...
  6. chef brah

    Why I feel pursuit of Michelin stars is a worthy pursuit - A discussion

    I was watching the Marcus Wareing  bbc documentary on pursuit of perfection....and the host keeps the end we are just cooking lunch so why the effort? Then it hit me....most of the worlds population survives on really bad food...from doritos, to mcd, to mediocre mid-range food...
  7. chef brah

    ICC - LA vs NYC

    i am thinking about saving some money and enrolling in ICC as their curriculum is best and 6 month program structure works for someone my age and with my financial responsibilities. lot of people said LA is hottest place right now and lot of creativity is happening there. whereas NYC is a...
  8. chef brah

    Pre-Cooking steaks for a house gathering?

    Has anyone ever pre cooked steaks and later just reheat it in sauce? i have small kitchen and need to advance cook some meats like an hour or two before guests/friends arrive. it wont be possible to cook 5-6 steaks and most of them prefer their steak i m thinking of searing at high...
  9. chef brah

    Batted Steak Diane for expensive cuts?

    I was watching this Marcus Wareing video where he cooks steak diane by batting steak so it cooks faster... At 50 seconds: I was wondering if this is considered a good practice in American style of cooking? or if its even considered a good practice for expensive steaks?  I do like this style...
  10. chef brah

    I am getting a high paying job in a different industry. Should i quit my career as a chef?

    I am not seeing any money come in anytime soon as a chef but i am still enjoying learning. I am 27. i used to work in tech and but i have been cooking for 5 years as a strong hobby. recently i started interning at a michelin star restaurant but i m not really earning and surviving on my...
  11. chef brah

    Got my knife and my cash stolen from work today

    was a $100 knife and lost around 85 bucks in cash was in my jacket in the office and when i came down to pick it up , it was gone...within a period of an hour. senior chef could not find out who took it and said he emailed management feels like a sh!t day and dont even feel like working...
  12. chef brah

    Do you use a pocket knife in the kitchen?

    i love my benchmade griptilian and realized a pocket knife is a great accessory to have in kitchen to open food i was trying to open a cloth bag of rice and couldnt find scissors or small knife... a pocket knife would have been useful is it considered weird or scary to carry...
  13. chef brah

    First day in full fledged kitchen, what to carry? what to expect?

    wondering what to carry into work for first day? also what to expect?
  14. chef brah

    So how bad is it ...a life as a chef?

    I have been cooking for years but in a semi-professional environment where i hosted dinners for friends & colleagues. cooked as volunteer in soup kitchens for hundreds of people. and worked in restaurants part time ..but not too much. but everywhere i read, there's discouragement as a chef...
  15. chef brah

    27 year old, career change, culinary school. Am i setting up myself for failure? need blunt advice

    i have been cooking since i was 21 and been hosting dinners for friends & families. i have also worked as volunteer in kitchens, at soup kitchens and at small gatherings, learnt from street vendors and through some chef friends. by profession i am in advertising and got into it to fulfill my...
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