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  1. kylew

    Wild Yeast

    My storage starter is about 2 oz. (bread flour) @ 100 % which I keep in the fridge. When I want to bake I build it up starting with 2 oz flour + 2 oz water. I keep it in my proof box @72 degrees. Next week I’m going to start playing with converting my starter to whole wheat. I’ll reserve some...
  2. kylew

    Standard sourdough in a pullman pan

    I’ve never tried sourdough in pullman pan. I make sandwich loaves though. They rise in long rather than round baskets.
  3. kylew

    Sourdough bread temperature for bulk fermentation

    I have no control over the heat in my apartment. This winter there seem to be wide swings in the temp outside, 10 one day and 50 the next. The heating system seems to hve trouble keeping up so I’m walking around in a down coat one day and have all the windows open the next. So I cheat :)...
  4. kylew

    Wild Yeast

    No question per se. Just thought I'd see if I couldn't start a discussion about the joy and sorrow that is baking with wild yeast :) While this starter is only two weeks old, I've actually done this before. At them moment I and just looking to get a little age on my starter. It's hydration is...
  5. kylew

    Wild Yeast

    I have had a Brod & Taylor proofing box in my closet for a long time. If I were to list it on ebay it would be “Like New”. For even longer than the proofing box has been in my closet there has been no starter in my fridge. I recently decided to correct these condition. It took about 8 days for...
  6. kylew

    Dutch Oven Breads

    Welcome to the mysterious world of bread baking Hydration is one of the central components of the mystery. To better understand it I think it will be helpful to convert all of your measurements to weight. Another important concept is baker’s percentages. Everything is expressed as a percentage...
  7. kylew

    Ezekiel Bread

    I’m easing my way back into bread baking. For no apparent reason I started with Ezekiel bread. I started with a fairly common recipe. The version I used is from The Prairie Homestead. • 2½ cups wheat grains (I use either hard red or hard white) • 1½ cups spelt • ½ cup hulled barley • ¼ cup...
  8. kylew


    It often happens when they don't hear what they want :)
  9. kylew

    Shipping Croissants

    They are never going to be as fresh as the day they are made, but because the have a high fat content they should be OK. Two things to do when shipping baked goods. Fill as much empty space in the container in which they are being shipped and fill as much space in the box in which you place the...
  10. kylew

    Intricacies of Brioche

    Be careful with water/mist in a hot oven if your oven door has a window. Cold water on hot glass is a very bad combination. Use either very hot water or drape a towel over the glass when misting. I have sacrificed a 1/2 sheet pan for steam creation. I leave it in the bottom of my oven and...
  11. kylew

    Challah degassing and kneeding after first rise does not work

    I suspect you added too much flour. I also think you over worked the dough. These two things will result in a dough that is very difficult to work with. The recipe you give is from a well trusted source. Peter Reinhart is one of my bread gurus, so I'm pretty sure it has been thoroughly tested...
  12. kylew

    cupcake/cake conversion

    I agree that the only difference between a cake and a cupcake is time in the oven. It's the same as a quick bread and a muffin. Kyle
  13. kylew


    I'm not familiar with these muffins. What is unique about their crumb? Kyle
  14. kylew

    Moist cakes vs cupcakes

    The extra surface area coupled with the small size causes cupcakes, and more so mini cupcakes, to bake much more quickly. You have to shorten the baking tome significantly. You can also try and up the moisture in the batter a bit. Hope your even worked out :) Kyle
  15. kylew

    Rustic Cookies Dough (not so basic)

    Did you start with a recipe? What is untraditional about it? Kyle
  16. kylew

    Increasing shelf life of homemade cookies (without freezing)

    Fat can also add to shelf life in the short run (whole milk lasts linger than skim etc.) As Kuan has been known to say, "Mo' buttah, mo bettah." The longest lasting "cookie" I know of is hardtack. One recipe I found calls for 5 cups of flour and one cup of water. This bears out patch's comment...
  17. kylew

    Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Problems

    High praise coming from the SysAdmin :)
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