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  4. My Sugar Owl

    My Sugar Owl

    Picture of a pulled and blown sugar sculpture
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  6. copperpot

    New Guy to Chef Talk

    Hi Ishbel, I am nearby Loch Lomond, I stay in a small country village called Killearn. Other villages that are near are Drymen and Balmaha, I don't know if you are familiar with any of them ? Regards Jim
  7. copperpot

    New Guy to Chef Talk

    Hi, You should try working with cooked sugar it's totally diff and looks awesome, wired sugarwork is nice to look at as well but I prefer the cooked. Regards Jim.:)
  8. copperpot

    New Guy to Chef Talk

    Hi Mezz, Thanks for the nice welcome, I have enjoyed the site ( which is new to me ) and look forward to reading the various topics , if I can offer any help or advice to anyone I will be glad to do so. Kindest Regards Jim
  9. copperpot

    New Guy to Chef Talk

    Hi All, just introducing myself I am Jim, Head chef and lecturer in further ed. I am from the bonnie banks and I specialise in sugarwork as you might see in my profile. Anyways just in to kick the ball into play, will catch you all later.:chef:
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