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  1. slayertplsko

    JULY 2021 CHALLENGE: Vintage American recipes!

    Let's go beyond burgers, surprise me, educate me. I want to know everything there is about old, traditional cooking of different US states/cities, because I know almost nothing, but it intrigues me. I first got the idea when someone posted shrimp and grits last year, it seemed like a nice...
  2. slayertplsko

    July 2020 Challenge - Italy

    I was considering several possibilities, but then I looked and found out we haven't had Italy as monthly challenge yet. How's that even possible? So I am choosing this most beloved cuisine in the world. I think it needs no further explanations, so I'm looking forward to your entries. Enjoy! :)...
  3. slayertplsko

    Whisky tasting dinner

    Hey guys! I'm back after some two years. I hope you've been fine! Recently I've been thinking about organizing a series of whisky tasting dinners for a few of my friends (around six people) and would like to hear your opinion. It's a bit of a long term project, it's not going to happen in the...
  4. slayertplsko

    Why is red wine said to be supposed to be served ''at room temperature''?

    We all know that serving red wine at what is considered room temperature (depending on your definition, around 22°C) is complete nonsense. That's just way too warm. Instead, red wine should generally be served at around 16°C, with some types slightly warmer while others slightly cooler. And in...
  5. slayertplsko

    CREAMY SALMON PASTA - ideas needed

    Hi there, I'm trying to come up with a really good version of pasta with salmon-and-cream sauce. That's the concept - pasta with salmon and cream in it. Otherwise, everything goes. So far it's only in my head but I would really like to know your ideas. So here's what I'm currently thinking...
  6. slayertplsko

    Anyone from Turkey here?

    I'm interested in Turkish cuisine. So do we have any Turkish members?
  7. slayertplsko

    What spices to buy in Instanbul

    Hi all, long time no see. I'm looking for some advice on what to buy at the Istanbul spice market. I'm certainly thinking some red pepper, mint, oregano and other herbs, maybe cumin....what else? What can you actually buy there? Thanks.
  8. slayertplsko

    Tokaji semisweet Isabella red wine pairings

    This wine is probably unknown to you, so I'll try to describe it. Medium sweet, light red, very fruity (intense wild strawberries and overripe red grapes), drunk young. Any food pairing ideas? I was thinking maybe duck, but wouldn't it be too sweet?  
  9. slayertplsko

    Dolmades stuffings - help please

    Dear friends, it's early June and I've got some freshly picked, young and tender grape leaves - and quite a lot! Last year I made some, too, using a recipe from a Turkish site that had scallions, mint, parsley (or dill?), rice, bulgur, tomatoes and red pepper paste in the stuffing and I really...
  10. slayertplsko

    Challenge November 2013 - Mushrooms

    Thank you Butsy for passing the torch to me, first of all. So I gave this some thought, have considered many ingredients that are currently in season, and there is just one thing that keeps popping up in my mind and that's mushrooms. So I've decided to give in and thus without further ado I...
  11. slayertplsko

    Coconut milk fail - what goes?

    So I was making some curry and tried to make my own coconut milk. I bought a coconut, cracked it open, removed the outer husk, peeled it and grated it, covered it with hot water (about two cups for one cup of coconut) and then squeezed it dry in a cloth after a few minutes. However, the milk was...
  12. slayertplsko

    Traditional, flavourful cooking fats

    So I'm starting this thread because more and more I'm beginning to get a sort of an aversion towards the almighty ''cooking oil''. I mean the super-refined, tasteless, odourless, dull, tedious and just plain boring so-called vegetable oil - be it sunflower, canola, rapeseed, peanut or whatever...
  13. slayertplsko

    Is this what Italians call sedano and Greeks call selino?

    I was just wondering if this is it. I regularly buy this at local farmer's market. Well, it's different from the stuff you can get in supermarkets. The sticks (stems) are much thinner, it's also grown for its leaves and it's much more aromatic. These are the qualities sedano/selino should have...
  14. slayertplsko

    Russian members here?

    Hi, do we have any Russian members here? I need to get in touch with Russian foodies as I'm interested in Russian cuisine. (I didn't know where else to post this)
  15. slayertplsko

    A good mushroom cookbook?

    Can anyone recommend a really good mushroom cookbook? I don't care too much about agaricus bisporus (white button mushroom, portobello, crimino...), there are plenty of recipes for those in other cookbooks. I mean, they're OK, and great dishes can be prepared with them (like the Elizabeth...
  16. slayertplsko

    Cooking with wine - a few questions

    Alright so I know next to nothing about wine. The only wine that I've tasted and liked was a 10€ bottle of some gran reserva Chardonnay from Chile with fresh quince and vanilla on the nose and nice flavour, too. From what I've read, wines are supposed to have some aroma and some taste. I live...
  17. slayertplsko

    Books dealing with French REGIONAL cooking

    First of all, I want to apologize for starting yet another thread about French cooking as I know there are countless of them already, but these are about introductory books and I'm interested in regional cooking, mainly those cuisines of Gascony, Languedoc, Provence, Bourgogne, Savoie, but not...
  18. slayertplsko

    What to bring home from Greece??

    My family is in Zakynthos for a holiday and I already issued an order to bring me local olive oil, plenty. What else is worth buying there? I was thinking kefalotyri cheese perhaps?
  19. slayertplsko

    Faisan normand - Calvados substitute

    I just bought a young pheasant and want to cook it a la normand. However, I don't have any Calvados at home and the brandy is quite expensive. I do have a bottle of eau de vie de poires du valais, which is a similar type of brandy. I also have some white rum, some scotch, some red vermouth, some...
  20. slayertplsko

    Storing stocks, glazes and diluting glazes to original volume

    Since there are no good convenience bases sold in my area and I don't have time to make stocks too often, the only possibility seems to be that I make 3-4 liters at a time, reduce it as much as possible, freeze it and then dilute the desired amount in water when I need it. However, I've read...
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