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  1. pcieluck

    chocolate yield

    I'm fairly inexperienced with deserts.  For valentine's day I made a bunch of chocolate truffles for the girls at work.  Once they had their fill I let the cooks try them, and they started asking me questions about how to make them.  One wanted to know about the process of chocolate making.  I...
  2. pcieluck

    Troubled by my work

    Where I'm working right now, it seems the longer time goes by, and the better I get at my job, the less cooking I actually do.  To a degree, I understand this.  There are things that need to get done, and I do precisely that, get it done.  On the other hand, I spend a lot of time wondering why...
  3. pcieluck

    "extracurricular" activities for chefs.

    Maybe extracurricular isn't the correct word for an adult to use.  But I find myself in a lousy routine of all work and no play; one job cooking the same sirloin and chicken breast dishes every day; another job doing only the most trivial of prep-work; no real relationships with any people; and...
  4. pcieluck

    Professional advice.

    So the past five years, I have been working wherever would take me.  Which has worked out fine; I've got a good variety of experience; I'm become a very strong line cook.  Now I've got the desire to try and experience the higher end of the industry, and I'm not sure how to go about it.  I've got...
  5. pcieluck

    Littleneck suggestions.

    I've made clams many many times, but with the same 2 or 3 recipes for years. I want to come up with something different, and while I'm at it, fulfill this desire I have had lately to come up with more elegant ways to present my ravioli dishes. Basic idea is; Instead of linguine with clam sauce...
  6. pcieluck

    Timing issue.

    Making a few typical thanksgiving fixing for the rest of the staff and the FOH tomorrow, and want to make sure it gets timed correctly to be finished by 4pm 5-6 lb turkey breast ~ 1.5 hrs? Green Bean Casserole ~30 min? Sweet Potato "gratin" (really more like a custard with sliced sweet...
  7. pcieluck

    Carrot scraps. Your ideas

    You know those hand-carved baby carrots? I need some ideas for what I can do with all the scraps from that. Some of my ideas: Minced for meatloaf, meatballs, or maybe stuffings Minced for dumplings. Pureed for soups or even a side dish.
  8. pcieluck


    In the restaurant I work in, leftover baked potatoes are cut in half at the end of day and refrigerated to prevent botulism. I know this is a serious risk, i find while searching google, in "baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil," but what about a Yukon gold I've par-boiled tonight, that's...
  9. pcieluck

    Precooked items in the professional kitchens

    I just started a second job workin in a trendy bar&grill in a more wealthy community.  I'm kind of disappointed. They precook seeming everything. Even hamburgers and chicken breasts. To be flashed up to temperature when ordered.  I understand things like pulled pork and briscit have to be... but...
  10. pcieluck

    Getting the smell of broilers and deep fryers out of your clothes

    I'ts not secret. Cooking for HOURS makes you STINK! And that stench doesn't wash easily out of clothes easily. At least not for me. Anyone figure out any tricks? especially considering my chef uniform is full black?
  11. pcieluck


    Aspic, chaud-froid, fish in gelee, and etc... I'm talking about savory entrees, not deserts.  I notice in my collection of books that a gelatin of some kind (in older books) was included in every chapter, and as they get more and more modern they disappear.  So I'm curious of your opinions.  How...
  12. pcieluck

    Are you a kitchen veteran?

    So what is that moment you realized you were a veteran? What sets you apart from the rookies, if not the 90% of the other cooks in your kitchen? Me, the same as many cooks. Hands with a high tolerance of to heat.  Constantly passing transfer plates and mixing bowls from my hot window to other...
  13. pcieluck

    Adding dark color to sauces.

    Sometimes when I make beef stew, the resulting sauce/stock is kind of greyish.  I've tried toasting onions longer, darking roux longer. It still sometimes doesn't come out as dark as I'd like.  Any tricks to quickly add more dark caramel color to sauce that's already finished?
  14. pcieluck

    Food Photography

    Simply put, I need more light! and I have a hard time not over-saturating with light.  Any tips or suggestions on creating the proper lighting for photographic food?
  15. pcieluck

    Salt Pork

    I saw it at the store, dirt cheap, an ingredient i've never used before, and decided to give it an experiemnt.  First night I tried to substitute slab bacon with it in my Chasseur, and cut a small slice of it into lardons.  My stew was unbearably salty and the pork was still very tough. So I...
  16. pcieluck

    Having second thoughts about a job possibility.

    Right now I'm just a line cook. While I have the most seniority in most of my shifts, and it's in another cooks best interests to listen to me, I'm nobody's boss and they don't, ultimately have to listen to me. So really, I'm not sure if I'm ready for any position of authority. But as a chef I...
  17. pcieluck


    I've been baking a lot of bread, almost every day because I was terrible at it and desperately wanted to practice it and get it right. I've got a good basic bread consistently accomplished, and I want to try out some sourdough recipes I have.  My problem with sourdough, however, are the wild...
  18. pcieluck

    Cons of a food processor.

    I generally do everything by hand. Not because Im stubborn or a purist, but because I'm usually too broke to shell out hundreds of dollars ot have a food processor, a blender, a stand mixers, etc. But if i was to buy a small appliance right now, it'd be the food processor.  From what I...
  19. pcieluck

    Duck Confit

    Yet to try it, but I love duck. But there's three factors wrong with it. 1. Just like chicken, duck is most economically purchased whole, 2. I'm a single man cooking for himself 99% of the time, and 3. Duck doesn't stay fresh very long. So preserving it seems necessary.  I've enough education...
  20. pcieluck

    Duck broth.

    I'm letting a pot of the stuff simmer over night while I sleep.  Thing about it is, I never hear about it. I read all kinds of threads in many blogs and forums about chicken stock, veal stock, beef stock, but never duck. I'm making this batch so I may braise my duck legs in it tomorrow, but what...
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