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  1. thecytochromec

    Frozen Lasagna - How much should I cook the noodles?

    I planned on prepping a lasagna tonight and freezing it. My intentions are to throw it in the oven and bake it on Christmas Eve. I'm wondering how long, if at all, should I cook the noodles so they won't be overdone when it gets baked? I was thinking of taking the noodles out of the water while...
  2. thecytochromec

    Efficient meal planning

         I'd like to step-up how efficiently I consume the groceries I buy. I know this means I need to develop a meal plan but, I've never really done anything this rigorous. I'm wondering, should taking an inventory be the first step towards being efficient with my resources? I was then thinking...
  3. thecytochromec

    WS 55% off LC Dutch oven

    I got an email from WS today advertising 129$ on their 3.5 qt Dutch oven. I am tempted, I think I'll use it. Am I about to do something rash or are there better deals to be had and this is just a monthly occurrence for them?
  4. thecytochromec

    How many forums are you in?

    I'm in too many to count. In fact, there have been times that I tried registering in something I thought was interesting to find out, I'm already a member. You can find me on : glocktalk, snipers-hide, chopcult, marine aquarium society, kitchen knife forums... the list goes on...
  5. thecytochromec

    Simple Red Snapper

    So I came to the Gulf to visit my girlfriend. I went to the local fish dealer and picked up some scallops and a whole red snapper which they filleted, boneless and skinless. I saved the seperated bits of the fish. The only problem is, I have no idea what to do with it. I was hoping to utilize...
  6. thecytochromec


    I hit my index finger not being careful with the stick blender last night. Fortunately I didn't cut my finger off, I just a gnarly gash and a broken nail. Any other bad cuts or accidents in the kitchen? Lesson learned: unplug stick blender while getting you stuck purée off it's sides.
  7. thecytochromec

    galantine / ballotine

    I saw this video of Jaques Pepin scare the bones out of chicken. ( ) In  an effort to further my techniques in cooking I'd like to try the same. I plan on doing the same thing, with similar stuffing, but I have no idea how for how long or what temperature I should cook it at. Any...
  8. thecytochromec

    Efficient Pantry Stocking for 1

    Howdy, I'm living by myself and need some help in finding what groceries to purchase and how to consume them entirely. For example, I made a stew out of a 3.5lb roast. This can last me a couple of days. I used half a large onion, a few sticks of celery and a couple of carrots. The unused...
  9. thecytochromec

    Hello from Texas

    Howdy, My name's Chris and I like cook. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry and work in the plastics field. I like reading about the science of cooking. I want to learn how to cook well, that's why I'm here.
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